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DIY for audio / Re: Elliott MM phono PCB + Quiet adj. PSU
« Last post by fredeb on Today at 01:23:39 AM »
I guess how to know whether that is sufficient gets a bit complicated? I also guess that based on what you ended up taking, that 4x1000uF will also be fine?

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Yes , that's fine . it doesn't make much difference , I actually modeled one rail in DuncanPSU to see . I've been playing with the phonostage a bit and listening , man does it sound good , I even tried it with el-cheapo NE5532 in the 1st position , still sounds awesome , though the OPA1612 in this position is better . I also played with different voltages from 15-0-15 down to 9-0-9 and finally settled at 13-0-13 , because that is slightly less than the 27V AC I'm getting from the 24V 2A doorbell wallwart transformer . 
General Discussion / Trusted Repairs Listing
« Last post by MR.C on Today at 12:30:58 AM »
Gonna try to compile a list here from the other thread.
First step was to C&P, wlll put in more effort in the coming days

Cape Town
Speaker repairs/tweeter re-coiling.
1. Resonant Frequency (Rian) Tel : 021 - 919 6073

Leander van Rooyen in Stellenbosch. Very capable NAD tweaker and repairer. Knows his way around turntables as well, especially LINN. 076 940 8985

Amp or speaker repairs
WL to Wessel on 082 8561952....for any amp or speaker repairs or builds, superb chap. Here is his email: he is out in the Table View area.

Amps speakers etc.
Here in the South you can always give Prakash a call in Rondebosch on 021 6972742....great guy and always helpful re amps speakers etc.

Speaker Repairs
Theo van den Hoven from Sound Inspiration in Hout Bay. He came to me in the city centre the same day, picked them up and I had a reasonable quote before lunch today. He seems very knowledgeable, I am not sure what makes he can service, but so far he's been spot on. I will provide feedback once the job's done.
084 583 2100/0217853891

probably the best place to take any Denon product is Proteknik in claremont on 021-6741126.
note they have moved premises. but the phone number works.
they are Denon repair agents as well.

Pro Sound Equipment and Lighting
Westech Audio
24 Losack Ave Epping
7460 Cape Town
Phone: Basil  021 534 8434

Exclusive Enterprises
7 Franklin Street
Tel: 021-4486602 - Joao
Reliable guy, excellent work
Franklin Street is off Lower Scott which is off Lower Main Road, just past the Lion Match Factory Park

small motor repairs (as in turntables) and transformer repairs for amplifiers
Evo - 082 662 4604 and email address -
He is located in Franklin Road Claremont, along Rosmead Ave, cross over Lansdowne Road, go past Coimbra bakery and turn left (facing Rondebosch) into Queen Victoria and Franklin Road is off Queen Victoria Street.

Remotes and Amps
Collin: 0722024190
If you need an old remote repaired. I found this guy in Cape Town, Muizenberg that repaired an old remote of mine. He uses Silver Plata Conductive Paint on the pads and he replaces the Infra Red Ledís, Filters+Transistors if needed. He also repairs amplifiers etc.

Electronics and TT's
Mark Van Der Byl
Ven Der Byl's Radio and TV services

273 Landsdown road Claremont.
Mark fixed up my Denon BDP that was savaged by load shedding. repaired complete power supply quickly and for a reasonable rate. - Recommended
Heads up to Vinyl and Vintage nutters - he has a few Lenco's and other vintage kit lying around

Speaker repairs in Centurion - Universal Speaker (Willie Louw) 012 664 2312

Amps, Valves, Loudspeakers, Refurbishing of all types of Vintage Sound Equipment
Leon Radyn - Innovative Speaker Repairs - Germiston
(E) :thumbs:
(W) (under construction)
@InnovativeSpeakerRepairs on this forum last active on the forum in 2012

Nilam Naram
0117898578. Bordeaux, Randburg

All repairs, modifications, upgrades, LED conversions, recapping of vintage items etc.
Kelly Reddy
Based in Pretoria but deals with clients countrywide.
Highly recommended as he has picked up repairs that were botched by other so called technicians on numerous occasions.

Denon AVR repair in Joburg/surrounding areas.
Andreas can do it.

In Johannesburg we are blessed with one of the best audio repair guys in the industry, actually we have a few, Alan Hobkirk comes to mind, but there is another that I know a lot of guys use but who's contact details are not on this thread, as far as I could see.
He is an expert and does most of the repairs for the big guys, you know who they are. He is an expert in Mark Levinson, Krell, Cello, Roland etc... but I have seen Denon and Marantz as well.
His place is in North West Johannesburg. He is quick, neat and very reasonably priced.
Contact Roland Vlok on 082 373 1651

Plasma TV's
Based in Pretoria. Worked for Panasonic and did repairs.
Drove to him. The guy diagnosed the issue and had it working, after several hours on the same day.
Amazing to watch him work and see the damage the Durban cowboys did on the set's innards :fuse:
His name is Alex and can be contacted via email

Speaker repairs
Merle Doubel, presently in Midrand,

Universal Speakers Centurion - 012 664 2312

Merle's Speaker Repairs - 074 647 2242

For amp repairs
Karsten Bannier from Karstens Audio Works is fantastic and really well priced.
011 678 3130
He is in Northcliff


Speaker Repairs
Burton at the Repair Shaq
- 031 3372177 - Durban
Above Tiger Wheel and Tyre near the ICC. Nothing fancy but he repaired my B&W sub just fine (I still must take him up on his offer to fit a bigger power supply for R500).

Had my B&W sub repaired- the pre-amplifier circuit for speaker input conversion- at Clive's TV & Video Repairs at The Heritage Market, Hillcrest . Tel 031 7652986.

Speaker repairs.
PA&L - Greg - 031 4666623/ 083 7756259on the Bluff

Durban: Try Chris-, 083 65603966. @chrisdc on the forum (very seldom online).
Don't call until lunchtime. He works at night.

For speaker repairs
Muhammad Zaid Adams - 076 7033927 (Durban).
He wound a voice coil for half the price of others and replaced some dodgy tweeters at a very reasonable price.
I previously recommended Greg (PA&L) but wish I had met Muhammad way back, before Greg put said dodgy tweeters in a pair of speakers.

Power Amps

Craig at Clive's TV in Hillcrest. May not be able to repair everything (ie valve gear) but very reasonable and usually no charge for stuff he can't fix.

Vivek Govender - 076 292 8019 Phoenix/ Durban.

Morne Apollis - 076 849 4337 (referred Muhammad, the guy I use for speaker repairs).

Teamluco. They are located in Umbilo, Durban, very near the medical school. Pro audio store. Cables made to your spec. Repairs to audio gear as well. Top notch service and advice by Kobus and his team.
Highly recommended.

Audiolite. Umgeni Road, Durban. Another great pro audio store. Cables made to order and any gear aimed at the pro sector. But you can find most things like cables etc here.
They come highly recommended as well.

Chris Human is your guy. In Middelburg.
Been doing Maggie Repairs for more than than 35 years.
His contact 0837011915

Prepaid, cheapest I've used and their deliveries fulfilled by MDS Collivery.
Vinyl / Re: EMT 948 broadcast turntable
« Last post by fredeb on September 25, 2020, 11:47:05 PM »
Here's another pic of Charles's EMT 948 in action .

Vinyl / Linn Krane. The new entry tonearm sourced from the Jerrys.
« Last post by Hi-Phibian on September 25, 2020, 10:10:12 PM »

With Jelco defunkt Linn has had to look for a way to fix their Kaput supply of tonearms for the entry table.  Itís called Krane.    Itís provenance is klear(audio), it should Satisfy.

DIY for audio / Re: DIY Sound Bar
« Last post by Family_Dog on September 25, 2020, 09:42:40 PM »
This is absolutely beautiful, but sacrilege to place a TV on top of it, hides it's overall greatness.

DIY for audio / Re: Analog VU meter driver
« Last post by Family_Dog on September 25, 2020, 09:34:49 PM »
Nice simple circuit, I need to start implementing this as well.

General Discussion / Re: Stolen Ideas
« Last post by xumbug on September 25, 2020, 09:20:12 PM »
Awesome mate, I bet those tubes sound sublime ;)

As for Mark :facepalm: :giggle: :giggle:
Open Talk / Re: Where is Mervin?
« Last post by DeonC on September 25, 2020, 09:18:08 PM »
Not only a forum Grand Master but a true gentleman indeed. He will definitely sort u out

Absolutely agreed, and I have no worries about his integrity at all. I just looked at his profile and saw that he had not been on line in a long, and was just hoping that someone that was in contact with him could facilitate in the process so that I could contact him. Thanks for the offers of help, and I hope people understand my intention with the post. The fact that he is in Portugal just worries/worried me ITO shipping of the item. Nothing that cannot be overcome, and to be truthful, this is mostly to be blamed the on Covid 19 lockdown and my own slowness than anything else.
DIY for audio / Re: DIY Sound Bar
« Last post by bbe22 on September 25, 2020, 09:12:21 PM »
Additional info
The TV has digital and optical outputs. I sourced a  S/PDIF  / preamp with remote / DAC
(Amazon)  ....using the optical connection

 and build out a 2 channel amp

modules sourced from Micro Robotics (local)   I was pleasantly surprised with the sound quality,  with plenty of reserve (tested these on some of my larger speakers (WL3) too.)

  The new toys were tested  with both music and movie (Netflix) The improvement in sound was not subtle , as expected , and in room response is full enough, such  that  a sub is not needed for now.
The sound bar can go surprisingly loud if needed  / cranked up and  and being a sealed box  takes the punishment well.  New owners are happy and so am I.   Good result.

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