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CDs/LPs/Lossless/DVDs/Bluray/Games / Re: Audiophile Demo Disk
« Last post by Pholo on Today at 09:13:37 AM »
I have heard very good sounding CDs used dealers as demo discs. These were clearly labelled not for sale. I think this is unfair as the music contained therein was out of this world. That I would spend the last penny I have to lay my hands on it.
It would be a good idea if guys knowledgeable with music can indeed compile such discs for public consumption if it's within parameters of the 'law'
I can't wait...
General Discussion / Re: Steam Punk Atmos
« Last post by Mars67 on Today at 09:10:46 AM »
I think it is a great idea. Looking at the copper pipes outside my house - to the outside taps there still has not formed any verdigris on them. They do go dull and more brown in colour so I think they will look good for a long time inside your room and even if they go brown it is still very much in the steam punk theme.
AV Items: For sale / Re: AR XA Turntable (in project form...)
« Last post by mahleu on Today at 09:09:35 AM »
Apparently Postimg is broken, there were pics on the original post. Let me see if I can fix.

Brass counterweight?

It's chromed.
AV Items: For sale / Re: FS:- Roksan Kandy K2 Amp
« Last post by skelly on Today at 09:09:33 AM »
Amplifier Sold
Open Talk / Re: Compile-an-Album
« Last post by BWS on Today at 09:08:18 AM »

Dang, but it's (still) good to be a man...

1. Bobby Darin - Mack the Knife
2. Frankie Laine - Moonlight Gambler
3. Marty Robbins - El Paso
4. Lee Marvin - I was born under a wandering star
5. Lord David Dundas- (I Pull My Blue) Jeans On
6. Johnny Cash - Wanted Man
7. George Clinton - Can your pussy do the dog?
8. Grinderman - No Pussy Blues  :tongue:
9. George Thorogood - One Bourbon, One Scotch, One Beer
10. Buck Owens - "Cigarettes Whiskey And Wild Wild Women"
11. Anti-Nowhere League - Woman
12. Metallica - Whiskey in the Jar
13. Shaggy - It Wasn't Me
14. AC\DC - Put the finger on you
General Discussion / Re: Speakers move when amplifier powered off
« Last post by juventino on Today at 09:04:16 AM »
Best you shorten the length of all your cables there is obviously a delay in the music getting to your speakers.
General Discussion / Re: Steam Punk Atmos
« Last post by Jason Willemse on Today at 09:03:03 AM »
Copper will work. I have done this many times. It is useless to polish and use clear lacquer from a rattle can. You will spend about a day polishing one length of 20mm pipe and the clear lacquer will last about 10 months and then flake off. You need to coat it with very good automotive clear coat otherwise you are wasting your time.

Also prevent any short bends as you cannot feed the wires through these if you have two or more. Use a bending spring and pipe bender to create long radius bends.

No need to solder the pieces together. Once a clear coat has been applied to the pipes, you will have a press fit into the solder joining pieces.

Do not saw the pipes to length. Use a quality pipe cutter and expand the flattened inside lip with smooth rod. An old 4x4 shock's shaft works great.

Have fun!
Thanks for the tips

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General Discussion / Re: Kids vs Hifi
« Last post by juventino on Today at 09:02:17 AM »
You are too kind its your sisters kid after all you have full right to harm  :BWAHAHAH:
General Discussion / Re: Hi-fi expo
« Last post by juventino on Today at 09:00:46 AM »
The last 2 I went to a good couple of years ago were never really Hifi expos here, just CATS DIGITAL trying to pedal their commercial  :cr@p:

YOu better of watching videos of the USA / Germany shows on various web platforms
General Discussion / Re: Kids vs Hifi
« Last post by Pholo on Today at 09:00:02 AM »
Pity that's a awesome sounding piece of equipment. Glad kid survived unharmed through the 'accident'
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