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Reel to Reel & Cassette Tapes / Tascam Cassette Deck
« Last post by stevanbuxt on Today at 01:23:51 PM »
Anyone on the forum know of any Tascam casette deck parts or decks not working. I may be in need of a type C gear for my 112R mk 2. Please let me know.

General Discussion / Re: Are CDs dead?
« Last post by Crankshaft on Today at 01:20:29 PM »
There is an article on the net that I read (can't find it to link right now) that warns against the rise of streaming services.

Quick summary:

The likes of Deezer have a function that analyzes the kind of music that you listen to, and then gives you more of the same.
It's really cool in that one discovers music that previously was unknown.

But, according to the writer of the piece, the streaming service eventually starts pushing there own artist's tracks.
Deezer and others actually sign their own artists/musicians to produce music that matches the search strings that users enter.

The result being that eventually everyone on the planet will be listening to the same manufactured MUZAK!
Apparently, the most common search term is 'chilled ambient dub' or something along that line.

As music has such a powerful control over our sub-conscience, those that want to control the general population have the perfect way of pulling the strings.

The people will be blissed-out on chilled-ambiet-dub with all their data in the cloud - CD and vinyl will be forgotten.

AV Items: Wanted / Re: LF/Wanted: Linn LP12/Sondek platter
« Last post by JohnnyIC on Today at 01:17:17 PM »
Just set the speed to 45 and sell it as a 'Special Edition 7 Single only' machine. Should fetch a premium  :sh1tstirrer:

It's a Sondek.. there is no 45rpm  :giggle:
Vinyl / Re: Klerksdorp Record Store..maybe
« Last post by El Sid on Today at 01:09:41 PM »
I'm hoping to find a copy of the very rare Jethro Tull & Sonja Herholdt collaboration "Aqualang na jou".

OMG it's going to be a long drive.....
Headphones / Re: M40x - Now Wireless!
« Last post by Doge on Today at 12:57:05 PM »
Funny thing is this one actually fits the M50x (although it looks weird)

Sound quality isn't brilliant but I wasn't expecting miracles from bluetooth, and only cost me about as much as a round for 4 down the pub.
Digital / Re: Raspberry Pi Allo Digione for the win
« Last post by juventino on Today at 12:49:22 PM »
^^^ You have to watch the video. (From about 14:10)
I've watched that bit about 7 times.

That aside, my (standard) DigiOne + RPi makes for a great, affordable Roon endpoint.
I have one in my bedroom, feeding a Modi Multibit.
Very convenient, sounds good too.

 :BWAHAHAH: i saw that, thought possibly you had personal experience with the battery pack and something else happened your side.

What power supplies are you using
General Discussion / Re: Music or sound over 20khz
« Last post by 2wice on Today at 12:46:25 PM »
just when I thought,  nahh,  this is going nowhere..........I got to learn a new word,    thanks !

A favorite, along with turd blossom.
RX-A2050 on Hold
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