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Open Talk / Re: Pic of the Day
« Last post by chrisflex on Today at 08:29:43 AM »
AV Items For Sale: Regular Members / Re: FS : Kef LS50 Speakers
« Last post by RyanC on Today at 08:29:17 AM »
Do these come with grill covers?
Open Talk / Re: 1996 Honda Civic V-Tec
« Last post by Gerlach on Today at 08:28:33 AM »
While they busy with the head job, they can port it and add a set of Skunk cams and valve spings with retainers and a nice DC header  :rubhands: :whistler: hehehehe. Missing my old DOHC now.

If you still need someone to work on the motor, then you can give Dynotech a call or Motor Cade Motorsport. They both really good with there work.
Audio Visual Technology / Re: Apple TV and Disney - non-UHD
« Last post by MR.C on Today at 08:16:26 AM »

With the launch of Disney + last week, Disney is about to remove all of their series and movies from Netflix.
This of course includes all traditional Disney and Pixar movies but of course also all the Marvel movies.
This must be a massive blow for Netflix and is a massive blow for us here in SA.

Have you got a link of it as a confirmation ?

Seriously bad news for us.

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Food & Drink / Re: Caveman Ribs
« Last post by vleisman on Today at 08:08:47 AM »
Hours in the oven at low heat. Is this the same process as sous vide?

No, not quite. Sous vide (under vacuum) is vacuum packed and then slow cooked in liquid, usually water I think.
Reel to Reel & Cassette Tapes / Re: Revox B77 Record switch repair
« Last post by marcochezzi on Today at 08:08:00 AM »
Reassembled the switch, works perfectly...

Need to purchase some 3mm nuts & bolts to keep the switch bodies together since the removal of the brass rivet..

Tonight I will most probably machine a replacement aluminium lever button as a copy of the originals I have from the remaining 3 switches if I get awarded a small time gap in the garage..

will post pics of that as and when..

so there you have it, a little time and patience and she is back in order (but a new ebay one would have been easier... eventually....)
General Discussion / Re: Aliexpress any good for low value items?
« Last post by Gerlach on Today at 08:05:01 AM »
I Order anything from R500-R5000 per item 10 to 12 times a year from them. Probably the safest online shopping you can do. Your money stays in Escrow untill you receive your parcell. In other words you have a money back guarantee. You also don't need to save your credit card details on their site if you don't want to, just use it once when you check out.

Jip, and the fast paying the money back. Some guy send me the wrong mosfets that cost me just under R600. I send him a msg to inform him it was the wrong stuff, i send him a photo what he send me and what I need, he got aggro with me, I send Aliexpress a msg with my findings and the seller responds and they payed me back my money and remove the seller. I buy stuff from aliexpress on a regular base and last ordered of stuff where here in less then 30 days.

If you need to order something that is a bit more in value and don't want it in SAPO hands, then drop Scott of Scott imports a msg, he will help you then with shipping and stuff. 
Reel to Reel & Cassette Tapes / Re: Revox B77 Record switch repair
« Last post by marcochezzi on Today at 08:03:24 AM »
Test fit, perfect...

DIY for audio / Re: Richard Allen Minette speakers in a bad way
« Last post by Shonver on Today at 08:00:54 AM »
So what do you guys say, try to restore the original cabs, or build others?

I don't know what the current going price is for veneer, but you could consider patching up the box and applying veneer over it. I also considered the possibility of using standard 4mm baltic birch ply for the same purpose. The bb ply at the local hardware has a good side and a less perfect side. My idea was to use solid bb at the corners.
Reel to Reel & Cassette Tapes / Re: Revox B77 Record switch repair
« Last post by marcochezzi on Today at 08:00:39 AM »
Flipped again in the collet housing and a 2nd 2,9mm hole drilled through the centre of the shaft, 9,6mm from the first..

finishing the ordeal by silver soldering two correctly sized pins through the 2 holes...

Silver soldering leaves a hard flux behind, much like brazing, and you need to polish the part on a spinning wirebrush wheel... The part is way way too small for me to push onto a spinning brush by hand without risk of damage to the part and lost fingers, so I scraped where I could, but this is how she will stay until I find a small polishing brush for my dremel tool, then will try again...

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