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Thanks all. Can you still use the Samsung remote to control the avr volume etc and the Netflix and Apple TV appa on the TV all work fine with the setup using HDMI? The AVR remote does not work (well the volume buttons in particular) so I would prefer to control the setup using the TV remote if possible. Thanks again good people.
General Discussion / Re: Members' Kit pics
« Last post by legro on Today at 07:18:26 AM »
^^ Love them shelves, Mr Singh.

Look solid as a rock.
Acoustics and Room treatment / Re: The stereo room build
« Last post by Bankies on Today at 07:12:39 AM »

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Looks great Jason, nice and clean setup. I trust it sounds just as awesome as it looks. Your setup definately has a envy factor of 9  out 10 in my view!


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Valves/Tubes / Re: Ideas for MM valve phonostage
« Last post by Ampdog on Today at 07:05:01 AM »
Still not having checked back:

Long ago I read and used a slightly lower heater voltage on the heater of particularly the input stage - lower 'electron cloud' around the first grid and such. Worth a listen/measure test if one is able to do this, even with a pot in series with the heater . Some found about 5,7V most quiet, but a lot will obviously depend on the rest of the circuit. This could e.g. lower the operational valve Gm, which is again contrary to operation at maximum Gm for low noise.

Might be worth a test if one is able to control the heater voltage of the first stage only - -   without again running wires all over the show. One must obviously give each heater test voltage/cathode  time to stabilise at a new voltage before judging.  Heater voltages of around 5,7V were reported best will depend on the valve apart from other matters.

Good test to examine whether heater voltage current and circuit layout et all has point is when powered up and listening, is to be able to suddenly turn off the heater supply  and measure and listen for a low point in general hum interference as heaters slowly decrease down.         
Acoustics and Room treatment / Re: The stereo room build
« Last post by Trompie67 on Today at 03:43:22 AM »
That really looks incredible  :2thumbs: :2thumbs:
General Discussion / Best way to buy new CDs?
« Last post by Morne Coetzee on Today at 01:00:56 AM »
What's the best way to buy new CD's? I see them readily available on Amazon but they don't ship to South Africa does anyone know why and how to get around this?
Vinyl / Re: Whats on the TT...
« Last post by JonnyP on January 25, 2020, 08:56:38 PM »
Current93 - Thunder Perfect Mind

Probably David Tibetís masterpiece.  Ambient folk with musings upon philosophical/religious themes.
General Discussion / Re: Splicing Speaker Cable
« Last post by Carnajo on January 25, 2020, 08:41:47 PM »
Whatever you do, must look neat and not as if the gardener made it

You, sir, overestimate my abilities. Or underestimate those of my gardener.

Fortunately the splice won't be visible, but indeed I will do my best.
General Discussion / Re: Audio via optical from Samsung Q80R TV to Integra AVR
« Last post by msch997 on January 25, 2020, 08:41:42 PM »
Why not just connect the DSTV decoder to the AVR on HDMI and AVR HDMI to TV?

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I have a Q80R and everything including DSTV is connected to the AVR (Denon) via HDMI and then I have an HDMI from the AVR to the TV via the Samsung One Connect Box that is included with the Q80R.  The AVR connection to the One Connect Box in my case is from the HDMI/ARC output port on the AVR to the ARC HDMI port on the One Connect. (its HDMI port 3 on the One Connect Box) that is for apps on the TV ie I use the Samsung netflix app.  But the ARC functionality is not used at all if no TV apps are in use.  A DSTV decoder into your AVR and then the AVR into the One Connect via HDMI works like a charm even if no ARC compliant HDMI ports exist on your AVR.

Valves/Tubes / Re: Ideas for MM valve phonostage
« Last post by fredeb on January 25, 2020, 08:31:12 PM »
Well done Jan - Looking good ! I like running filament voltages slightly lower , like you have them now .
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