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I dont fixate on brands because i buy whatever brand i can get for a good price at the time i am buying


let me give you one bit of advice in terms of what i have found to be sensible

do not plan to buy one pair of speakers at a time since you will always (and i really mean always) land up then not being able to complete a set because the series changes and then the balance of the older series is not always available under these circumstances so IMHO rather buy a full set in one go and buy Price-down if you have to in terms of affordability because this means that you will always have a matched set which will mostly give you a better surround experience than only a better stereo pair which cannot give you surround sound at all

i prefer to match the set in as far as i want the same brand and series of speakers for my complete setup (even though they arguably wont all sound exactly the same its actually easier for the matched set to create some form of coherence for surround sound)

you always get inane comments about surround sound from people who mixed and matched all the time and have gotten sub par results and now as a result of their own disillusionment will offer incorrect advice about buying "one step at a time and mismatched sets" and this will always give you the same results that those people got and it will eventually drive you away from surround sound

if you truly want good a good audio experience for your movies then buy a comparatively matched set and get it all in one go if you can .... which is why something like those complete sets from Judy make great sense and they dont break the bank either .... so i would rather go for something like that instead of a "supposedly" better pair of front floorstanders at the same price where you intend to buy matching rears and centre channel at a later stage .... well when you have the funds that centre and rears will not be available and will have been replaced by something else forcing you to buy a new set of fronts anyway OR getting alternative mismatched items which will invariably impede the overall quality of your surround experience ... so only do the "step by step" thing if cash flow is really an issue (but in that case its not really advisable to buy any so-called luxury items like surround sound at that point anyway)

my final opinion on the whole issue is to buy a complete entry level set and when funds permit to sell this and add the balance to upgrade to a complete mid-level set .... this has always worked well for me and i have always had surround sound that performed above expectations for the prices i paid  ;)
Open Talk / Makro .... really baffling price
« Last post by naughty on Today at 02:38:45 AM »
the other day i was looking for a Wi-Fi adapter so that i could use my portable Wi-Fi router with my desktop machine ... and by mistake i decided to check at Makro first since it was already 4PM and going anywhere else would have meant going the next day

the lady helping me was wondering why i had a horrified look of utter amazement on my face when she told me that they had exactly what i wanted for R899 .... Damn i have seen these devices for as low as R100 bucks at online stores like takealot .... so i ran across the road from Makro Springfield to Matrix Warehouse at value centre and eventually got something for R159 (it was late so i grabbed it and if i had time to waste then i would have probably looked for it online BUT i reckon that with the shipping for purchasing online i would have still paid close to what i did anyway

But Makro are trying to rip the public a new one with these small but not always so necessary devices ... the funny thing is that they are way cheaper than anyone else for things like flash drives and SD cards .... anyone else baffled by whats happening over at Makro  :nfi:
Open Sales / Samsung J1 Ace Neo Cellphone (White)
« Last post by naughty on Today at 02:13:46 AM »
Item : Samsung J1 Ace Neo cellphone (white
Price: R1000
Location: Durban
Condition: Great
Shipping: At Buyers cost and risk

i have the proof of purchase for this item at R1699 at 29/10/2016 so its just over a year old - everything is in perfect condition - battery is still perfect .... the phone is perfectly immaculate since it was protected by a thick screen protector and also was in a case all the time

i have the original plastic case which is a little faded and stained which i cut at the headphone socket area to allow my large headphones to fit and i also have a second identical brand new cover as well to include with the phone at no charge (these cost R100 each) and as an added bonus i will include a generic Folio cover which also allows you carry credit cards (photos of all the covers below)

Phone front

Phone rear

plastic covers

Folio Cover

I also have the original Samsung Charger and also the Original packaging that the phone came in and even though the one year warranty is over and i will also provide the original invoice (P.O.P) so that you can prove that this wasnt a stolen item (in case anyone is worried BUT i can promise that i wont have any stolen items nevertheless this is available for your peace of mind)

one thing that im not going to include and that i will remove is my 16 gig Samsung microSD card unless someone wants it at R100 extra and obviously you need to now use your own sim card, and i will also set it back to factory defaults once a sale is confirmed since i have a number of paid apps and the only way to continue using those is to remain logged into my google account - so i will have to remove those 
AV Items: For sale / RCA Interconnects
« Last post by naughty on Today at 01:52:25 AM »
Item : QED Qnect 4 RCA interconnects - 1Metre pair
Price: R500
Location: Durban
Condition: Pretty good
Shipping: at buyers cost and risk

second Set

Item : Prolink RCA Interconnects (1.5 metre Pair)
Price: R150
Location: Durban
Condition: Immaculate - like new (used for around 1 week only then got prolink pro series)
Shipping: at buyers cost and risk

photos of the QED cable

photo of prolink cable

Open Sales / Re: Lian Li HTPC case
« Last post by Raffs on Today at 12:57:26 AM »
Thanks CAD .... must learn how to post big pics .... yep its an awesome box all metal no plastic bits .....very neat looks the part amongst AV components  :thumbs:
Vinyl / Re: Help with mounting a cartridge in a headshell
« Last post by skollie on Today at 12:47:49 AM »
Please disregard. Posted in an incorrect thread.


AV Items: Wanted / LF B&W 803d2 black
« Last post by BoneCrusher on Today at 12:26:27 AM »
Iím looking for a set of B&W 803d2 in black... must be in black.

I have a set of B&W 802d2 in black if you are wanting to upgrade with a cash diff, otherwise will consider market related value if I find the right set.

PM me if you have something....

General Discussion / Re: Bedroom - Add connectivity to old AVR
« Last post by thenoizeguy on Yesterday at 11:54:58 PM »
I upgraded from Bluetooth to Chromecast Audio a while back.
Bluetooth is archaic, limited range and doesn't sound too good either. I had the Logitech and OneForAll, and both were mediocre and had breakup after 7 metres or if anyone walked in between.

Chromecast Audio is analogue or optical out from the same minijack.

so +1 for Chromecast  :thumbs:
Vinyl / Re: Help with mounting a cartridge in a headshell
« Last post by skollie on Yesterday at 11:52:05 PM »
Who and why has my post been removed where I advised the OP to establish using magnification if available and a bamboo toothpick and gently (using the toothpick) to establish if the stylus is not perhaps loose in the cantilever?

I'm getting rather fedup with this arbitrary and ever increasing removals of my posts. What is G_d's name was wrong with this advice??

As moderators you should be fair and evenhanded towards ALL members. If whoever is responsible for this, please let us all have a public explanation.

Or is almost everything I write here now 'contaminated'? You may feel superior and allmighty to move posts deserving or not as 'Moved to de-contamination'  but I've had so many in the last few years by moderators allways unknown that it has become near intolerable. 


AV Items: For sale / Re: Replacement stylus - ATN-160ML audio-technica
« Last post by Kent Kassler on Yesterday at 11:47:49 PM »
Not to derail the thread but any chance of me finding a doctor here able to assist me with a wee winky problem?
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