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AV Items: For sale / Re: Sugden a21 Class A Amplifier - R3500
« Last post by Baseline on Today at 06:28:46 PM »
This beauty still looking for a new home. Revised offer: free shipping falls away and the amplifier is offered at just R3200.  :thumbs:
AV Items: For sale / Re: Monitor Audio GX300 (metal grill) Dark walnut
« Last post by kalith on Today at 06:28:16 PM »
I can confirm these speakers still have warranty.
They where purchased from Greg @ hifiinstallations in Centurion Late June 2015 so should be about 2 years old and MA has 5 year warranty if memory serves.

Phenomenal speakers for the money ,can very highly recommend them. That ribbon is quite a temptress let me tell you.
Vinyl / Re: How to set up your Crosley turntablie
« Last post by placebo on Today at 06:28:04 PM »
Dear fake medicine,

I too think you are 100% correct to demand literate comment on your thread and you were well within your rights to put that FDLSTYX ignoramus in his place! Just as an aside and for my own education, what is this item that you refer to in the topic title?  :thinking:

How to set up your Crosley "turntablie"

Yours in literacy
That comes from the fact that I only had 5 beers prior to posting the thread.I require at least 10 to spell correctly is a must .The fact that I am totally blind in my left eye has nothing to do with it.But you misconstrue my post  fdlsys and I are old friends. :dop:

Open Talk / Re: How old?
« Last post by BJ on Today at 06:23:13 PM »
Wow Eben
This thought about my own Dad went through my mind this morning as I was driving. He was born 1913. Passed away at age 76. I was a "laat lammetjie" He was 51 when I was born. He would have been 104 this year. Mom past away when I was 15. So he pretty much fulfilled both roles.
I treasure very fond memories. He was not only my Dad but also my best friend. Miss him dearly, but no regrets. We made the best of every moment together....
DIY Resources / Advise on a table saw....
« Last post by Gareth80 on Today at 06:22:23 PM »
Hi all.

I have been looking for a table saw for a while. Mainly for weekend warrior stuff.

I would be cutting 16mm / 18mm MDF. Some pine and general wood projects around the house.

Itching to attempt making some speaker boxes but also want to start making cabinets for the garage etc

Is it worth while looking at the R2500 / R3500 ones for sale at Makro and Mica

I see Adendorf also has one for around R2800 (Macafric)

Not able to go for more expensive ones.

Any advice appreciated

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General Discussion / Re: High price of local used gear
« Last post by CAD on Today at 06:22:02 PM »
I use hifishark to get a $ value and then  convert to rond on a 1 to 10 basis for a reasonable price
Ie $500 on hifishark  R5000 here

Thats is the same basic formula I use to gauge pricing
General Discussion / Re: High price of local used gear
« Last post by JonnyP on Today at 06:21:54 PM »
I've bought most of my kit (vintage and newer) on the forum and disagree with the idea of it being overpriced.  The one item I could get cheaper was discontinued abroad, I could find the same new for cheaper as I was going abroad soon after.  I spoke to the seller about this and he was happier at his price and eventually sold for a little more than I paid overseas.  Bringing the same in would have cost more than he got and buying locally new subatantially more.
AV Items: For sale / FS: Maverick Audio Tube Magic D2 DAC R2500
« Last post by JonnyP on Today at 06:07:11 PM »
As per the title, up for sale is a Maverick Tube Audio D2 DAC.  Has the Op amp upgrades as per when I bought it and the tube output to give tubey goodness to your converted digits.  Will take some pics later and upload.

Condition: As lovely as the day I got it.
Reason for selling: I am far too analogue and also have a uDSD for when I want to flac rather than Fleetwood Mac.
Location: Durban
Shipping: At your cost and risk via postnet to postnet for R99 (or you can arrange a courier).

Look, this is great, it sounds great through three different amps tried (SS, hybrid and tube).  I just don't use it so would rather sell it to someone who will.

Original thread:,51483.0.html
Open Talk / Re: How old?
« Last post by Family_Dog on Today at 06:06:01 PM »
Wow 97 is a good innings. My dad died at 76.

Well, her brother reached 98 and her sisters were all over 90 years of age before they passed. Guess you folk are stuck with me for a while still. (Apologies, Andrew).

AV Items: Commercial trade-ins/ demos / Re: Fs rotel 1570 pre dac
« Last post by dean on Today at 06:05:36 PM »
Final price drop R12300 for this brand new cond pre .thats almost 10k off retail ..
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