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Vinyl / Re: Whats on the TT...
« Last post by JoziNic on Today at 01:40:44 PM »

2022, reissue, repress - US, Walt Disney Records - Daft Punk, Tron Legacy

Absolutely one of my white whales that I was lucky enough to get earlier this year. Kiddo is at grandparents, wife working upstairs, and this is the cure to the weeks problems before Eskom takes the light away.
But my gosh, orchestral & electronic, powerful & gracefulů

utterly sublime In every single way

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General Discussion / Re: WURTH KONTAKT OL
« Last post by Family_Dog on Today at 12:21:14 PM »
Contact Wurth directly and enquire.

General Discussion / Re: WURTH KONTAKT OL
« Last post by Music_Lover on Today at 11:20:05 AM »
Does anyone know where this is available in Gauteng?
General Discussion / Re: WURTH KONTAKT OL
« Last post by rotorbug on Today at 10:39:17 AM »
I use this stuff too, works very well but starting to leak out the can now, albeit after about 10 years. Still works though!


Wurth products are not cheap but in this case, I am prepared to pay the price as it does exactly what it says on the can.
General Discussion / Re: NAD T512 CD / DVD Player repair.
« Last post by Family_Dog on Today at 09:45:14 AM »
Keep it up, Bernard. And when you have finished, I have a small Denon all-in-one unit that needs similar treatment :)

The pondering/thoughts about new/other speakers have already started with all the agony related to that subject, the Living Audio speakers will not be included in those coming ramblings thou.

This will be covered in a new thread, not suitable here.

Vinyl / Re: Grace F9-e stylus/cartridge
« Last post by fdlsys on Today at 09:08:51 AM »
Pleasure boet!
Open Talk / Re: Joke for the day
« Last post by chrisc on Today at 09:05:37 AM »
Some week-end chuckles...

General Discussion / Re: NAD T512 CD / DVD Player repair.
« Last post by Bernard on Today at 08:28:06 AM »
OK ... Murphy has made an appearance again. LOL

When I got back home yesterday it worked "hit & miss" Most times the laser did not even come on. It's defunct. It's ceased to be. It's dead. lol

I must check for the laser model number and take it from there.

I did one for an elserly friend a few years ago .. a Sony all-in-one desktop unit. That was a mission .. in that you have to strip the WHOLE thing to get your hands on the laser. That is still going strong today.
General Discussion / Re: Hi Res Car Audio from Alpine
« Last post by Jazzy on Today at 07:44:56 AM »
Besides the tech, it also just looks great! I think they were to release cheaper kit in the same series this year
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