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The Dark Crystal.

Right up there with Flash Gordon and Highlander from my kiddie years.
General Discussion / Re: Members' Kit pics
« Last post by H8rlequin on Today at 07:44:22 AM »
+1   The speakers seem like some nice sounding vintage items...TV on the wall, receiver on the floor.

TV can't go on the wall, renting.
Those speakers are not getting damaged by the TV, so it's there for now :)

Seems it's only me that likes the setup. O well!  ;D
Open Sales / Re: Makita M9200B sander
« Last post by Heinrich on Today at 07:02:21 AM »
Excellent condition, about 4 months old

Cape Town


bargain of note
Hacksaw Ridge (2016)

This is the first movie in a long time that made me pause it and go "wow, this is a bit rough".  Not because of blood and gore and all that, but because of the realism in the gun fights.  I was surprised - to the point where I was actually a bit taken aback.  It's a good movie, and the violence is quite realistic.  I enjoyed it.
Open Talk / Classic FM the Tivoli frequency drift.
« Last post by chrisflex on Today at 06:13:20 AM »
I have just acquired yet another Tivoli this time a Model Three.

Last week I took pictures of all of them to show off my collection to the person I had just bought the Model Three from. It was then that I noticed they were all tuned to 102.7

The Tivoliís FM reception is known to drift but it seems I was in luck with the Model Three, tuned to Classic FM no problem and it did not drift.

This morning I turned on the radio and what came out of it sounded like R&B !

At first I suspected the Tivoli then I realized it was tuned to the correct frequency.

I guess it is  time I drifted off to another radio station ...

AV Items: For sale / Re: Classe Auidio cP45 preamp and model 15 stereo amp
« Last post by Tobes on Today at 06:09:44 AM »
Methinks Mr Romegoth has yet to learn how we do things here. Maybe 50 posts is too few after all.

This comes back to an earlier thread about forum ethics, but it is still his choice whom he chooses to sell it to whether someone else was first or not.....
Besides, someone else could've pm'd few sec before the one who thinks he was the first responder. There's no way of knowing.
Carpentry King / Re: Very special real wood AV unit
« Last post by BiZKiT on Today at 04:12:43 AM »
Im not sure about the glass and seems its not to everyones taste. Should i leave it or take it off?
DIY Resources / Re: 8000 lumen LED modules
« Last post by Steerpike on Today at 12:55:07 AM »
Thanks for the comments, someone also pointed to mouser za, which is a possibility - they have a range. But one that runs off 220 with no psu sounds really ideal!
CDs/LPs/Lossless/DVDs/Bluray/Games / Re: Now playing...
« Last post by kenvanraas on Today at 12:08:50 AM »
🎵 Clap Your Hands Say Yeah 🎵
DIY Audio / Re: EL84 amp concept
« Last post by marantz123 on Yesterday at 11:17:31 PM »
Lovely ! Give you a Bells for managing to work with that icy metal in the middle of a Joburg Winter !  :thumbs: :thumbs: :thumbs:
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