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General Discussion / Re: The beautiful music thread
« Last post by 2wice on Today at 02:29:09 AM »
Christina Nadal - Gymnopedie no. 1 E. Satie

Does not get much love, and can clear a room with mumbles of wailing housewives.
It is sublime if you're into that.
To listen
To watch, bad recording though.

Dead can Dance - Rakim.
Was my dream to see them live, especially the hammer dulcimer performance.
Regarding watches i prefer manual wind models built on Valjoux 7733 family movement, only movement thats been on the moon btw.

As for the music replaying equipment i agree that vintage seems to be used for 10 year old stuff that was bad already when new, that , i think, is more  an expression devalved, the user probably has not the slightest idea of what vintage or classic means, maybe, we neither?

Vintage actually means something of a certain, special or not, vintage, as for instance Jaguars of the first XK engine family, ie XK120, XK140, Mark VII and Mark VIII, maybee including XK150.

But a Ford Cortina GT 1966 would also be considered a classic, a vintage (also something i would like to have) the horrible Systemdek II i would never, never, call either vintage nor classic, but i suppose it is all in our own frame of view, what is vintage or classic?

Acoustics and Room treatment / Re: New Room, No Bass
« Last post by Rotten Johnny on Today at 12:30:37 AM »
Klyvq, here's an approximate room sim using your external dimensions.  Given the changes in internal dimension are constant I'd expect the results to look much the same if you used the internal room dimensions.  Only bass traps or some carefully placed and very well integrated subs can help you here.  Speak with Timber

Nice pics HP.

I wear a rectangular curved windup Buren Grand Prix watch which is (unfortunately) beautifully engraved on the caseback "All my love. 6.9.42" which makes my watch 1 year older than I am and I'm 74 now. I feel a bit of a cad or intruder wearing something that has such an intimate engraving.

It keeps much better time than my Girard Perregaux, Rado or Omega watches - fast by 1 minute or less every ten days or so.

What would this watch be called - vintage or antique?

Open Talk / Re: How do they stay in business?
« Last post by skollie on Yesterday at 11:58:41 PM »
I have an even more shocking recent, few days old story concerning private medical practitioners. I pay cash immediately after each consultation and made an arrangement that I want to be monitored monthly during my illness from which I will not recover. I have been going to this practice for some years now and also recommended my late wife there a year or two before she died.

If I was in the practitioner's place, I would have diarised the appointments and instructed one of the many receptionists working there to call me and tell Mr Skollie "your appointment with Dr X is on whatever date and time".

Nothing happened. No calls to visit my GP. I then sent him/her a polite email, asking (if he/she was too busy), to please write me a referral letter to a private cardio practice as I may have such problems as well.

I did get a reply - basically saying he/she doesn't know what to write although he/she knows everything about my situation for at least 9 months.

I have to look for another doctor now but it's a huge problem - I'm not very mobile and can't drive my car for distances further than say, Woodstock.

It's been the schittiest of schitt years...


Mirror Edge Networks / Re: Camps Bay Home Cinema - 2017
« Last post by Morgan Irwin on Yesterday at 11:46:19 PM »
I cheated and read the last page of the book already :D

Keep it a secret for now. I will be doing my best to get the thread completed in the next few days. Just had quite a busy day today and needed to get through quite a bit of admin.
Keep watching to see what additional information comes next :)
Vintage, a classic, or hipster slang for something just a little older then themselves?

The most overused term in record collecting and playing those records at this moment must be v i n t a g e. 

The dictionary definition is something like:
of high quality and lasting value, or showing the best and most typical characteristics of a particular type of thing, especially from the past.

How does that apply to something like this:

I get the calls. 
I got this vintage turntable I would like to repair restore upgrade.

Curiously you wait.  A 301? And SP10? A TD124 or maybe a 125?
A heybrook? Systemdek?

I think there is a difference. 

The Hisense is also a VA panel, so you're going to have the same off angle viewing problems.

As for the MU7000, from what I've been told the S.A. version is in fact the MU6000.

The specs claim a "Viewing Angle (Vertical/Horizontal): 178 / 178" .. which sounds more like IPS? Or are they miss-representing?
Open Talk / Re: How do they stay in business?
« Last post by Hi-Phibian on Yesterday at 11:23:38 PM »
Struggling to import PLCs via air due to the back up battery now.  Its a joke.  Sea no problem. 

[Anyone who thinks that wealth is measured in money is blind and narrow minded.  Wealth is obviously measured in turntables and records.]
Digital / Re: New remote application for JRiver - "Panel"
« Last post by adie on Yesterday at 11:21:49 PM »
Have you tried using it as a remote?
I'm happier with plain ol' Gizmo, though I may use Panel to access my entire library when I travel. I don;t like leaving drives plugged in though.
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