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AV Items: Wanted / Logitech Speakers
« Last post by Anton on Today at 03:14:15 PM »
Hello All .....
Looking for Logitech Z623 or other Logitech 2.1 THX systems
Please let me know if u wanna sell them
Pretoria Area

As well as Digicape classifieds, which are free, you can also try Carbonite and MyBroadband.   In fact the latter will give you more viewers
Vinyl / Re: Re-tipping mc cartridge
« Last post by Hi-Phibian on Today at 03:09:16 PM »
I haven't tried him yet. Will contact him. Thanks

He keeps pearls and AT95.
Vinyl / Re: Klerksdorp Record Store..maybe
« Last post by DACMan1 on Today at 02:56:51 PM »
I know where you are coming from, but with physical music stores closing in droves, you have to have a much bigger appetite for risk than I would ever be able to muster up.

This is such a specialty trade, I suggest perhaps start after hours with an online store - that has very little overheads. If that really takes off, consider a storefront.
AV Items: Trader sales / Re: Yixin Audio tube buffer
« Last post by Michon on Today at 02:56:15 PM »
What would one use such an item for ? Its it purely for colouration or is there other purpose in buffering a signal here ?

I think it depends unit to unit. This one does change the absolute volume when inserted into the signal path. Though I forget in which direction my memory tells me it was too small for that to be this particular unit's primary function. Perhaps it allows one to change the output impedance, I am not sure about that. Accordingly I would say that tonal change could at least be considered one of the, if not the only, function(s) of this unit.

Members that are interested are welcome to demo it in their system.
Vinyl / Re: Klerksdorp Record Store..maybe
« Last post by Johnnie on Today at 02:51:56 PM »
Come on guys I know there must be some negative comments at least...give some discouragement at least for crying out loud.. :giggle:
AV Items: For sale / Re: The Heads up thread
« Last post by Special1 on Today at 02:44:44 PM »
I once pitched up at the PnP in Lonehill Shopping Centre (about a year ago) and saw they had those little milk chocolate Wonder Bars marked at 59c each.  Bargain, and we had people coming over, so I took 10.  Rang up, lady said "this price isn't right".  Called over manager, manager checked the price on the rack, checked the price on the till and I got them at the 59c price.

Three days later I'm there again, same line, and I check the rack.  Same chocolates, same price.  So I took the rest of the stock (about 30 of them).  Same issue - manager called and he goes "well, they were supposed to fix it but they didn't", and I got them at the low price again.

Classic!  :BWAHAHAH:
AV Items: For sale / Re: Vivid K1 speakers
« Last post by achim on Today at 02:40:58 PM »
 ;) Bullfrogs and this cannot happen again...  keep well and good luck with the sale..(to what they cost your price is a bargain)
So many Vivid Fans around - thats the step to go (before this one day when everybody will have some Bullies hahaha)
Thanks for pointing this out. I had a look on gumtree a few weeks ago to get an indication of price. The ads I looked at might have been inflated.

My leice is definitely negotiable to fall in line with the prices suggested.
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