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So after finally getting settled I sat down for my first proper uninterrupted listen with some familiar tracks just to make sure my setup is right... but I picked up a problem that my vocals and staging are pulling to the left, way more than it should so I downloaded a mono recording and that confirmed that my soundstage was actually very biased towards the left.

So I spent two solid days moving each speaker all over but I just couldnít get it right  :facepalm: so I started googling and everyone suggested using the balance control which I didnít really want to do as I understand a balance control fades the one channel out which Iím sure would affect the softer sounds and micro detail from that speaker, so I googled to see if my amp has a balance function, I was surprised to find my amps balance control is actually a gain control for each speaker, so I was able to increase the gain on the right speakerin 1db increments. It took 3db or gain to get my vocals dead centre on the mono recording, Iím so impressed with this feature and I can finally just sit and relax again  :dance:
Open Sales / Re: For Sale: Quad bike Big Boy 125cc - R3500
« Last post by BiZKiT on Today at 04:26:31 AM »
You know what, i think i should grab this so me and my son can fix it up and have some fun. :dop:
General Discussion / Re: Hdmi cables
« Last post by BiZKiT on Today at 04:20:04 AM »
How expensive are they? In future i must look at about 10m. Do you sell?

Not to bad about R1500 for 10m and then you are set for 4k later if need be.
General Discussion / Re: Speaker Cable Upgrade
« Last post by Ampdog on Today at 02:22:17 AM »
Oh well ......

I am not commenting further re cables, my irrelevant background having been revealed. I have given references to two recognised  sources, which obviously have not been read, let alone reams of other recognised commentary regarding subjectivity vis-a-vis reality.


folks consider themselves (their ears specifically) as superior to whatever factual (read scientific, but which has become a swearword in the vocabulary of ..... )  evidence exists/are being offered.

and should this sound a mite unfriendly, it is because any half decent scientist's bon-homme so often falls prey to uncomfortable laws of nature (meaning physics and hearing).  What a life ....  :(   :walled:

@ DACMan1,

Did not catch it either. By 'skin effect' - were you talking about the pipe's outside or inside skin?
Open Sales / Re: Sapphire R7 250 Ultimate graphics card for PC
« Last post by naughty on Today at 01:44:22 AM »
That GTX580 is still a powerhouse and a giveaway for the asking price. Someone snap it up, I don't need it. GLWS.

 :thumbs: thanks for the well wishes

and yep the GTX580 is a powerhouse - thats why i grabbed it, but as i said i dont need two cards so better if someone else uses the one that im not using .... and i dont mind either
AV Items: For sale / Re: Audio Engine 5
« Last post by Kruger.vdMerwe on Today at 12:38:15 AM »
Hi All
Selling on behalf of a mate who is on this forum but low post count, I will take full responsibility for sale.
Can be auditioned before
Well know amongst us DBN gents.

White audio engine 5 up for grabs.
Great Condition.
Sounds great as well.
Can pack for shipping
Price : 3.5k

Saw it on facebook advertised as well... do forum members get a better price than FB ?
General Discussion / Re: Speaker Cable Upgrade
« Last post by Kruger.vdMerwe on Today at 12:34:08 AM »
Good quality cables do make a difference, but of course there are also many that are over-priced that over-promise.  QED Silver anniversary go for about R400-800 a pair second hand for a 2m set; also try something like Real Cables biwire CS144.  You can use it as a single cable by combining the 4 wires into to (positive and negative).  I'd budget about R40-80 per meter for a decent second hand cable.

I would never consider thin twin flex.  I have tried several cables over the years and mostly always hear a difference.  That being said when stepping up into the R300-500/m and up range, I felt the increase in price was not commensurate with any tangible increase in quality

General Discussion / Re: Permit to import second hand items
« Last post by Orior on Today at 12:32:31 AM »
Thanks Mornť.  I did download the application, will apply in the morning.
General Discussion / Re: Permit to import second hand items
« Last post by Morne Coetzee on Yesterday at 11:52:40 PM »
Yes it's free and easy to obtain. Just get the application form from rhe website and sent them the details. Turnaround time is around 3 days to process. Basically just to avoid dumping of e-waste in 3rd world countries.
Vinyl / Re: Whats on the TT...
« Last post by fdlsys on Yesterday at 11:30:20 PM »
Mike, that is s stunning buy. What's the cost ? Thanks. Cheaper than typical imports. R350 or there about.
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