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Image Upload would be a welcome addition to the menu options

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ImageShack is now so overloaded, that many attempts to access end us in timeouts - which is frustrating as Hell.

The ability to upload images to this forum's server would make life much easier (and is a function offered by a growing number of foum engines).  If storage requirements are a concern, the function is usually "tune-able" in terms of maximum size thresholds and incorporates an image resize function for any images larger than the threshold.

(Besides, HDD-based storage is becoming very cheap - approaching R1.00 per 1GB)


Gliding Dutchman:

Try using PHOTOBUCKET? www.photobucket.com   ;)

Agree on Photobucket, by far the best!

And I am always the 99,999th winner!



--- Quote from: Family_Dog on November 05, 2007, 07:49:07 PM ---Agree on Photobucket, by far the best!

And I am always the 99,999th winner!


--- End quote ---

You too?!

Fully agreed on photobucket, WAAAY better

You can't lose with Photobucket.

But what I worry about with those generic file repositories is that you are not guaranteed that the image file will remain in that location. So if you post a pic in a discussion board, it could disappear at any time. So historical posts could lose their images; in some cases these images are essential to the message/thread...


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