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I've been using the following setup to stream movies from my Drobo FS to my home theatre: Drobo FS, Gigabit Switch, Cat 5e cable, Mede8er NX500 media player, Marantz SR7005 receiver. Everything is fine and dandy until I want to play a high resolution .mkv video file of greater than approx 13-14GB. Sometimes the movie will lag from the opening credits, sometimes it will start lagging after an hour. Sometimes it lags a bit and then recovers for a while and sometimes it just bombs out of the movie back to the mede8er menu.

I have tried the following to rule out all the possible problems:
1.    Connected mede8er via HDMI directly to my TV thus bypassing the Marantz (no difference).
2.    Copied the movie file to external USB hard drive, connected this directly to the Mede8er (no difference).
3.     Copied the movie file to the internal Hard drive of the Mede8er (no difference).
4.    Tried different media player - Western Digital live. It also lags with the same file.
5.    Connected my laptop to network cable at home theatre and played file over network via laptop via HDMI cable from laptop to AV receiver - no lag.
6.    Copied the movie file to an external 2TB seagate drive connected to my PC which is on the network. Then played the file via the network with the Western Digital Player - no lag. Tried the same setup with the Mede8er - same lag as before.

I am desperate!!! I've had someone redo all my network cabling in the house with Cat 5e cable. The switches and routers are all Gigabit ethernet capable  even though both media players are 10/100Mbit only.

So from all this long rambling it seems there are two problems: It seem obvious that the Mede8er does not have the processing ability to decode really large .mkv files (15GB and upwards). And it seems as if the Drobo FS may have a problem streaming the files fast enough over the network (which I find strange considering that I get copy speeds of around 30Megabytes/sec between my PC and the Drobo - it should be more than enough for high res movie files).

So what now????

A new media player?

A new Network attached storage solution or alternately using an external USB hard drive as NAS?

 ??? ??? ??? ???

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Re: Drobo FS + Mede8er + Marantz SR7005=AAAAAARRRGRGRGGGGGHHHHHH!!!!
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What do you mean with lag? Stuttering of the movie as a whole or voice out of sync with video or vice versa?

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Re: Drobo FS + Mede8er + Marantz SR7005=AAAAAARRRGRGRGGGGGHHHHHH!!!!
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Have you perhaps checked if there isn't perhaps fault with the file?

I run 40GB BD files from the Mede8er (internal hdd) through the Marantz with no problem

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Re: Drobo FS + Mede8er + Marantz SR7005=AAAAAARRRGRGRGGGGGHHHHHH!!!!
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Also forgot to ask but which firmware on the mede8er?

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Re: Drobo FS + Mede8er + Marantz SR7005=AAAAAARRRGRGRGGGGGHHHHHH!!!!
« Reply #4 on: June 15, 2011, 07:57:11 AM »
The firmware is up to date.

The movie file plays fine on a Western Digital Live one media hub.

Lag meaning the video and sound stops every few seconds and the resumes.

Anyway: update - I have bought new Western Digital media hub with gigabit networking and it is working perfectly - just installed it a few minutes ago.

In my opinion there is a problem with the mede8er's networking as well as its processing ability of high definition media files. The reason why I say this is that I have tried playing the same high res file through the network, through a directly attached USB hard drive to the mede8er and also by copying the file to the mede8er's internal hard drive. All these options resulted in lag and stuttering of the video file. And like i have said - I have tested the file on my PC and it plays perfectly!

Anyhow, I am not depressed anymore as my media library is working fine again... LOL.

Just very glad that it was not the Drobo FS's fault - I really like it for its simplicity and flexibility and for having one solution for backing up data and streaming media over my home network.

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Re: Drobo FS + Mede8er + Marantz SR7005=AAAAAARRRGRGRGGGGGHHHHHH!!!!
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with the mede8er - if you cant play HD audio i have noticed it will stutter and dropout if you leave it on the HD audio option - if you have the DD+ chipset and if you update that to the 4.04 firmware and play the HD codecs on passthrough via HDMI then everything is perfect as long as it doesnt attempt to downmix the HD audio to the core versions ie DTS-HD(ma) to regular DTS OR Dolby TrueHD to AC3

all this is dependent on having the correct hardware versions ie the Realtek 1073DD+ is a must so that it allows the software to passthrough the HD audio - the other option is you can try to use the second option in your audio selection settings by changing this with the remote control - normally selection one would be the HD audio stream while the second and higher selections would be the others - so it mostly depends on whether the MKV file was transcoded with the HD audio or not - all of mine are and im also playing 30gig+ files perfectly as mentioned by PearlJam above but the first day i got the mede8er and before i did the firmware upgrade i also noticed the stuttering - upgrade to version 4.04 and everything became perfectly smooth including whilst playing at 1080p and also playing the HD codecs

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Re: Drobo FS + Mede8er + Marantz SR7005=AAAAAARRRGRGRGGGGGHHHHHH!!!!
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I had a similar problem streaming HD vidoes to my mede8er the problem seems to be that the mede8er is 100mb/sec and the file server (pc running win 7 in my case) is 1gb/sec. When i enabled flow control on the network card of my file server the problem went away im not sure if the drobo has this option.