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Fellow Arya users - what setups are you running? lets chat


I just got some Arya v2's I'm keen to see what dac and amplification you guys use as I'm looking what to get!!

I am using burson 3x performance and apo eq
Are v2 the stealth?

Nope its the 2020 version, so the mesh ones! I would love to that amp, how would you describe that combo, and what are your impressions of the burson?

I have the Ayra stealth.Detail is mindblowing.Sensitivity is also higher easier to drive..i am using the Burson in balanced mode and i am impressed.I found to get the best out of Ayra is to use eq.I like bass and with the help of eq it,is really really good.
For me but that is my opinion the more power these headphones get the better they sound and the Burson does that with ease.


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