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Hello fellows,

I was curious what my CXA80's headphone output can deliver in power, to my Arya V2's
They seem to drive with no problem and feel like I can drive them into oblivion - but am I being deceived here?

Spec sheet:

Headphone output
THD: 0.002% (1kHz signal, 1V input, volume set to 1V HP output, 80kHz bandwidth, into
32Ohm load)
S/N: dependent on volume pot position. Typically better than 95dBr
Frequency response @ +/- 1dB: <10Hz to >90kHz

Any one make sense of this?


My simple understanding: THD measure of how much effect the amplifier has on the sound output in terms of distortion. Signal to noise ratio measures how much noise is generated from within the amp during operation (which can vary with volume / gain) albeit close to imperceptible.

So the one is how much the amp can distort (color) the sound and the other is now much background noise it injects?

SNR is usually specced at an output level. Usually one that is unrealistically high. In this case the way they are writter seem reasonable to me.

Could also be Johnson noise since the pot seems to be in the signal path. So resistor noise changes with gain.

So do you guys think the headphone amp is using the main power stage for the headphone out using some sort of resistor or step/down in between?


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