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Heavys - Headphones engineered for heavy metal

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Very interesting indeed, not least because of the fact that one Axel Grell is the "CTO".

I shall have to read this when I get some time, but at first glance it raises some very interesting points.
Let's just say that if it were not for Mr. Grell's involvement I would be dubious...
In fact I still am but if it sounds good I'll be the first to buy one!

My thoughts exactly!

Really weird that the "wired" option is via USB - doesn't that force you to only rely on the built-in DAC/amp - so no option to use your own?

It does sound like an interesting idea! I have to admit having multiple drivers at such a compelling price point makes me a bit weary, along with genre specific marketing. Id be very curious to see how they come out!

I associate (with no prejudice at all and some fondness), raucous manner, damaged hearing and inflammatory drunkenness with heavy metal. Design considerations hopefully include beer-and-vomit-proofness, nigh indestructability and antibacterial properties.


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