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Took a chance and signed up for the kickstarter campaign for this device:

It costs a fraction of the high end ultrasonic cleaners and is a great upgrade from the SpinClean that I used to use.

Cleans very well with a marked improvement in the clarity and far less pops and clicks. Super convenient as well and easy to operate.

Like any cleaner it will not work miracles on ingrained dirt, scratches or pressing defects but definitely worth the money.

Hope your kickstarter experience is better than mine, Kickstarter does not ensure you actually receive the item you are backing and the project creators also under no legal obligation for a refund.

$ 330 dollars down the drain 7 years ago for this very reason.

And if electronics these are always limited in functionality or basic beta versions. UP squared board I backed was a maker board and updating its BIOS will brick it.

It was nerve-racking and I had almost given up after waiting over a year, but fortunately this manufacturer honored their campaign and delivered this item  :winkwink:

They were also very responsive to my emails and you can order directly from their website now with delivery via Fedex. The reason I took the chance is that they are part of a very large manufacturing company and in this case it worked out well and I'm a very happy camper. 

Having said that, there are the normal customer service and delivery risks when dealing directly with a relatively unknown Chinese company.

I've done well with kickstarter campaigns.  Had a small loss with a cellular signal enhancer for retail.   The main problem here was ICASA who ask a phenomenal amount for a test and take over a year to give an answer (they said it would take 30 days) and provide a cut and paste answer which had someone else's company name on it

A dog cooling jacket - slow sales in SA but big in Australia and parts of the USA
A flexible wand human temperature gauge.   Astonishing sales at the beginning of Covid, has tailed off now.  Price was initially R780 and took a hit with cheap Chinese imports, the great majority uncalibrated but Netcare and Medi-Clinic Group soon realised the benefit and cost/effectiveness ratio

It transpired it was cheaper to shift the manufacture to VietNam.   Shipping much less and they respond in understandable English

Think that may be the one techmoan tried out?  Cannot for the life of me remember if he recommended it (as anything that requires an international payment generally means I will pass rather than have to put up with the bureaucracy of SA banks)


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