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Laptop Screen replacement


This afternoon, my Lenovo Z51 screen crashed. I"m using it with an ext monitor.
It's 15.6 " FHD
Besides Huge PC anyone else in Centurion can replace this over the weeked ?
It's FHD and 8 years old. It's the first I've seen a laptop screen give up.

Are FHD's prone to giving up over the conventional non FHD

What price am I looking at for a replacement ?

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Won't be the weekend but you can order from

Mail them the exact model number and they will send you a quote. Should receive the part within a day or two after payment.

I got a few HP replacement panels from them a couple of years ago. To fit it is a half hour excercise at worst if you can handle a screwdriver. Forget the exact price but was around the R1k mark.

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OK, I'll mail them. IT seems "cracked" but how does this happen, I didn't touch, drop or pu pressure on it
I assume its worth replacing as i7, 1TB machines are +R10K.
Prices for the screens around R1800 incl VAT

Some feedback.I eventually got it done at huge PC in Centurion. Paid a bit extra but they were 3km from my place and needed it done ASAP.
I cannot believe how big Huge PC has become compared to the small shop they were a few years ago. They normally a few % higher than the likes of Makro / Incredible, but it's a seriously professional outfit.


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