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Media Server NIC changes between Megabit & Gigabit on restart

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Noticed something a bit odd over the last few months.

Openmediavault 5 Media Server. Sometimes when rebooted (due to Eksdom or lightning/thunderstorms) the onboard NIC boots up at 100Mbps instead of 1000Mbps.

Normally I doubt this would be an issue (except when transferring files to or from the media server) except that the media server also runs Adguard Home which is then our default gateway to the internet.

As we have a 200Mbps line, when the NIC limit is 100 we effectively lose 50% of our bandwidth/speed.

Resetting to gigabit is easy enough via Putty. but it's still a PITA to remember to check each time & correct if necessary. Normally I only correct when one of the kids complains that there's a problem.

Any ideas as to why it is doing this & a permanent solution? Have already tried a reinstall to no avail.

Specs are:

CPU: Intel Core i5 3330
RAM: 16Gb DDR3

I have had similar issues and 2 things I always check are the following

1. Latest motherboard firmware
2. Replace the LAN cable

Failing that it may be worth your while to buy a PCIe NIC and use that instead of the onboard and see if that remedies the problem.

Otherwise its an insurance job

Your IT equipment is covered for electrically caused faults by the houseowners insurance

Have several friends in the past year or so who have suffered damage, obviously not the same as yours, but similar and motivated the ins co to pay.  Only Outsurance hesitated a bit, mainly I think because the cadre handling the claim did not know what electrical interference was and needed educating

When Eskum started its tricks again, I increased my cover for this type of risk to R50k

I believe Trompie67 has already sorted this issue out with a workaround...


--- Quote from: DACMan1 on January 13, 2022, 08:32:01 AM ---I believe Trompie67 has already sorted this issue out with a workaround...

--- End quote ---

I did indeed, thanks to a very helpful chap on Carbonite.

To recap:
MB, same CPU & RAM & Power supply was working 100% when it was my desktop rig. This problem only started when I started using the components as a media server.
There is no consistency - sometimes it will boot as 100Mbps, other times as Gigabit.
LAN cable has been swapped out (twice) - made no difference.
Switch has been swapped out too, made no difference.

So a work-around has been instituted - shortly after boot a script runs to force it to Gigabit status. Problem solved :)


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