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Power Response?


Power Response? What does it mean?

From Sean Olive - " the frequency response of the total radiated sound produced from the loudspeaker at different frequencies." 

I wrote the above down many months ago after a little more research on the topic (and didn't write down the source. I have a friend Shaun, not on the forum, and he is driven [and he drives me nuts] by this concept).

@Timber_MG mentions it a bit in the following topic below, and I thought it a good idea for those not familiar with the term to expand, open it for discussion, etc, here.,98037.0.html

Wendell Diller ( Magnepan) is another exponent of this concept, here's a recent video of him explaining and putting to use this theory (at about 2min in for those with less patience):

Magnepan 30.7 and the importance of power response

P.S. I do not own own any Maggies and have no interests in them.

If power response is like power steering or power brakes, this reduces the effort required to perform a physical task by augmenting the effort by mechanical means, hydraulic, electrical, etc

On the other hand it could be likened to the utter astonishment realised by listening to such an outstanding rendition of a piece of reproduced music that one is propelled out of one's seat in one powerful thrust, only to fall back in a dead faint

But getting back to audio.....

As the gent says (in 11 mins, not 2 mins) when the power increases, so does the realism (within limits?)

But isn't this already known?   At a symphony concert, the massed instruments will, depending on your seating position of course, have the kind of overall volume level you might expect, neither excessively loud nor so faint it blends in with the background.  Bringing that recording or similar recordings home, you will try and achieve the same overall volume so you can recreate the effect

This was carefully done in the 1960's by Peter Walker from QUAD, where he had an orchestra and a set of his electrostatic speakers behind a curtain and the audience were invited to determine the original and recorded performances.  By all reports, he got it right.   He must have carefully set the reproduced music volume the same as the orchestra

@chrisc, here's the source of the information from Sean Olive, please read it to gain a better understanding of Power response and (versus) Frequency response, among other things :


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But getting back to audio.....

As the gent says (in 11 mins, not 2 mins) when the power increases, so does the realism (within limits?)

--- End quote ---

From 2 minutes, there's an explanation of what "power response" is, mentioning Floyd Toole's work on it and then a subjective test - where the individuals in the room walk around it to experience the "power response" effect. All this takes place between 2:00 to about 4 :30 and is a quick, shortened version of it.


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