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Sonor Lyra users: any cables to recommend

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As per subject line: can the Sonor Lyra owners tell me what cables they have found worked well with their Lyra's.

Whatever worked well for you, if it was bloudraad, then share (Damn the wife replaced all our coat hangers with those plastic ones, bet they sound bad... :)).

PS. I am likely to steer clear of silver cables, but if that was your preference, please share. All insights are valuable.

Thanks in advance.

@georgew has had those and a set of Cappelas before that. Perhaps he can share?

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Aaron (XL1000) also has a pair, loves them on his Predator, maybe pm him too..?


Today I tries Clearwater cables. Nice enough. Not a very noticeable difference from std monster. Have some others Iím going to play with this next week. Can also try something from Francois if you have a preference in mind?

Thanks for all replies, from owner and those who pointed to owners who may help.

Some background, got a set of walnut Lyra's in December.

They are stunning to look at and a joy to listen to. They replaced a set of Sonor VkIII's that will now do duty probably in bedroom, if I can shoehorn them in......

My reason for question about speaker cables is fortunately not due to any major issues I am encountering, they sound good so far with some setup fine-tuning having taken place already, current speaker cables are a pair of (fairly modest) Sommer Cable Meridian's.

Good bass, excellent imaging, and good tops if a bit bright, which I can fortunately tame easily with the Accuphase amp's tone control tweaked very slightly to the left.

XL1000, which Monsters do you use, M1.2 or M1.4. I quite like those, had a surplus set some years ago which I sold and now regret. Are you happy with that generally speaking? (whatever model Monster's you use).


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