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This song brings tears to my eyes.

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This time of the year, many people share good times with family and friends.

However, for me, this is also a time of sorrow and missing the people I cared for that are no longer here...    James Blunt - Monsters

Cherish what you have, for tomorrow it may change ...

damn tear jerker for sure that one!

Not a tear jerker per se but definately a song that forces quiet contemplation whenever I listen to this and also one of the best songs lyric wise that the previous century produced.
Mike and the Mechanics - Living Years

My favourite cover version of this track by The Isaacs is also one of my hifi reference/test tracks:

There is only one song that forces a tear whenever I listen to it, irrespective of my mood and it is this one performed here by Franco Corelli:, one powerful piece of music - I don't think Puccini realised what he created when he penned this aria as part of the conclusion of Turandot - of course he sadly died of throat cancer before he finished Turandot.

Top of my list would Those Were The Days by Mary Hopkin

Then there's Allan Sherman's Hello Muddah, Hello Fadduh (Camp Grenada). A cheerful song but I had a puppy who used to howl along whenever it was played. Sadly she died before she was a year old and I just can't listen to the song

No.3 is Help Me Understand by Hank Williams

The Eschatologist:
James Blunt gets a lot of hate but he does have some genuinely good songs


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