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Speaker grill material for antique radio

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Does anyone know where to find speaker grill cloth for aa table top antique radio?

Depends on what you are looking for...

You can get an almost exact replica or NOS of the material via international online vendors, will cost a premium though.

If looking for something that will suit the era of the item, wading through large stockists of material types may yield results. I have found suitable material akin to that of the Philips radiogram models at Metro Home stores. Otherwise, find the oldest stores/outlets of material you can find..these places are usually in semi-industrial factory-shop locations..not in your local/best shopping malls. I made it a habit to pop into such stores when I come across them, always on the look out for such material. (I found a weave with a bit of gold fleck in it in an oatmeal colour and another in beige which was suitable for the era of the item).

Good luck. :thumbs:

Des Miles:

Exactly like @marantz123 says above. NOS or reproduction cloth will cost more than the value of the radio! Below some I've had to use, the last photo of a Philco was manufactured in 1929 and the grill cloth is still perfect.

Des, that is just soooo beautiful! Presumably an energised speaker as well?

I have an old Cathedral-type RCA radio as well, cosmetics are perfect. Electronically, it worked when I last used it but pretty sure it can do with some TLC maintenance to keep on doing so.


In Jhb there's the haberdasheries Authur Bales (Linden) and Fiona's (Randburg)

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