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What is your profession.

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Mods please feel free to remove or advice.
What about a list of current members only to advertise their business and location to see if we can support each other during these tuff times and keep it as a sticky because I see a lot of “looking for alarm advise”.....

No problem with this suggestion, let's just keep it as a listing of careers, not as a means of advertising product pricing.


Retired redundant  (apologies to Spike Milligan, he acquired that title first)

(In my spare time, I ran an electronic security business, a locksmith shop and a computer sales outlet)

Commercial and Industrial Property Broker. I have my area but the company covers the whole country and expanding into Africa.

Social scientist by training. Spent some time lecturing and working as researcher in academia. Since moving to SA I’ve shifted to NGO work, focus is on knowledge management and increasingly project management.

Spare time I do content and copy-editing, mostly on the topic of migration.

In short, I can barely tell a capacitor from a resistor, but still love my Hifi gear.


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