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HI guys,

Gonna be dipping my feet into this well soon.

Been busy setting up the man cave and had the ceiling redone.

Whilst at the supplier I noticed acoustic tiles - 1200 x 600 by OWA

There are many options, colours and designs

Has anybody used these to any effect?

Could these be of any value as backing as opposed to using Masonite?

I know that @Vince MacMahon has had a hand at making panels?

And the sales people there also enthused about the free hanging baffles: and

I wonder how these could be used

I see they are 15mm thick.

With a 35db sound absorption propery, they will make the room quieter in as much noise comes through the ceiling.   Beware not to make the room too lifeless.  A certain amount of natural reverberation is desirable

Rodney Gold fitted some ceiling tiles in his house in Panorama and said to me at the time that he thinks he over-did it

Most of my exterior noise comes in via the windows.  When I fitted 2-layer glass some years back, this made a huge difference

I assume the sound reduction amount of 35db quoted is when the product is installed as part of a soundproofing system as that is a high amount. Designers normally recommend products with a minimum NRC of 0.7 in order to make a meaningful difference. With an NRC of just 0.5, the price to performance ratio does not make sense in my humble opinion. The free-hanging baffles are 40mm of glass wool with a density of around 17kg/m2. The density is great but if you have the space you should go much much thicker to affect a wider band of the frequency response.

Vince MacMahon:
For what it’s worth:
Matome had these for a day or so and removed with haste!

Rather look elsewhere for room treatment.

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If you have carpet, you can leave the ceiling reflective. Those tiles are very dense and thin, so they absorb only a small part of the frequency spectrum. I would advise against ceiling tiles.

Rather good thick cut pile carpet and then depending on how alive / dead the room is you can leave the ceiling or do a “cloud” at the reflection point. Use diffusion if you have enough absorption in total, or absorption if you need more, or if you have a low ceiling or speakers with poor off axis response.

Mostly though, if you have a thick carpet, I would leave the ceiling to last and mostly you’ll find you don”t have to touch it.


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