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High quality cable damping devices to improve sound quality by SIX fold!


These garden-variety pebbles are 101% guaranteed to vastly improve not only sound quality but also reduce listening fatigue, reduce harmonic distortion, improve imaging, you name it!!! :groovy: :groovy: :groovy:

Sounds too good to be true?  Of course it is... not! :Whoohoo:

Go ahead a buy a set of 8 for the low, low price of $792! :drool:

*cut fancy flashy animated GIFs and insert link to amazing product*

I mean this clears everything up, right?

A more complex arrangement of molecules and atoms within a lattice structure is shown below for Jadeite (sodium aluminum silicate).


--- Quote ---Go ahead a buy a set of 8 for the low, low price of $792!
--- End quote ---
You forgot to mention that when buying this, you actually save $900 as the normal price is $1.692  :angel:

Vow, this one takes the cake.


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