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I am currently using an older version iPad mini as my source via headphone Jack into analogue in on my NAD streaming Spotify…

But apple being apple slowly the iPad has started losing functionality in Spotify…first the browse (long ago) & now today the home page is gone (error)

I’ve been expecting it. So now my options are either buy a newer second hand iPad (that will eventually do the same) OR instead put the money I would’ve spent on iPad toward a streamer and then stream from the another iPad (one that’s actually being used for other purposes and cannot be used as the source plugged into the amp)

Advice & opinions appreciated

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Similar here. Laptop with windows = astonishing levels of emotional  stress.

This too seems to be a rabbit hole unfortunately.

I've been following the ifi Zen thread and am almost convinced.

You will need a streamer and a Dac then. For 10Kish you could get a nice second hand Dac and maybe something like a Raspberry Pi as a streamer (with Ropiee XL software it will stream Spotify, apple and Roon)

Disclaimer I promise I don't work for Raspberry PI or Ropiee :) but it works so well and is cost-effective I cant help suggesting it

^^ I have a few 'good' dacs with zero usb. The ifi has optical/coax out, so a seemingly good option for me.

Raspberry Pi with Topping E30 would be great value.


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