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From what I've read online, the Stream sounds really good but the app/user experience/setup is less than satisfying. Can any of the users of the Stream comment on their impression of the device?

I had no problems setting it up,  took less than 10 minutes.

I use it with Tidal Connect and Roon. I do recall having connection challenges when changing to the Mode specific setting such as Mode 2 which is Roon only or Mode 3 which is Tidal only. I now just leave it in Mode 1 which covers Roon, Tidal, DAA, DLNA and had no problems.

If you're using Roon make sure you allow it the Roon devices configuration as it does not appear automatically.

I have also updated the firmware twice but never tried the specific Modes again since Mode 1 is working for me.

Let me know if you have any other specific questions.

I am 100% loving the device in my system with the iFi Zen Dac Signature V2. The only issue is that when the initial setup to wifi us done, make sure the selector on the rear is in position 1.
Love being able to be up and running in under 60 seconds. No waiting for a PC to boot. SQ is awesome. Tidal Connect works a charm. Roon bridge is there too with a dedicated mode when using a PC for Roon.

I received mine this morning.

1. Plugged it into my network (not wifi)
2. Connected it with USB to my ARES II dac.
3. Powered it on.

It was immediately visible to Roon as an endpoint. I enabled it and from there I went to http://ifi.local and updated to latest firmware. Under sources I turned off all the functionalities that I do not need. That is all other than Roon.

Been streaming ever since. I am sure WIFI maybe a bit of a different experience but even then. Configure it via Ethernet and then use WiFi only if that is what you prefer.

I have subsequently changed to Coax/SPDIF. The reason for my ZEN Stream purchase. Must say SPDIF to Ares II is just better than anything else I have heard before. Now just waiting for my Pontus II arrival.

Thanks, everyone. I've purchased a unit from AEX based on the positive feedback here.



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