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Local options for decent USB and rca cables?

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So I'm not deep enough into audio and maybe not emotionally ready to splurge on high end cables that are usually discussed here, but surely the next option can't be just cheapies off Takealot. I'm looking to get a USB A to B cable for my PC to dac, but is there a solid middle ground option that's available locally?

I also need a short length of rca terminated cable to go from my headphone amp to dac on my desktop setup.

Any suggestions would be awesome!! Thank you!



If you're prepared to solder, or know someone who can solder well, then have a look at the Mogami cables from Design By Max. They are incredible value for money sound-wise.

Thanks! I can solder, yeah. What spec cable would I need in the case of the rca to rca from my dac to headphone amp?

Are there any USB cable options that lie between Wireworld and a cheapie?

Cheers all

There is the Lindy brand of USB and audio cables.  Well made and robust, yet not extraordinarily expensive.

Suggest the USB cable be as short as possible.  My own one is 0.5m but might not be practical for some people


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