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Des Miles:

What do the forum's experts thinking of using a Growatt 3kW. 48 volt inverter paired with a  PylonTech lithium 2.4kW battery? I would like to play around with a system for load shedding and as a learning curve. Would like to start as grid mains only for battery charging and later using PV as priority charging.
Anyone using the Growatt make inverters, any good? Any other possibilities welcomed but don't want to spend more than +/- R30k. at this stage.

An excellent choice

3Kw might not sound much, but it will keep the lights on.   I have a 6Kw inverter and it never exceeds 25% of the available load.  All the lights, TV plugs, audio stuff and one fridge

fdlsys: is a better place to ask.

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Well.....we aren't all on that forum, and I heave spent a lot of time and energy on this with great success.
Maybe I should have a look, something to be learned?
Thank you for pointing us to the forum.

3kw is plenty in my opinion if it is a "load shedding kit"
i used to run a 400W meanwell inverter that could almost let us go on as normal. 2 tv's on, internet, alarm system, cctv, gate motor, 2 garage doors  as well as 3 lights or so.

if you are consumption cautious that would be a very good solution.

is it a diy install ?


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