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Studer A710 deck help needed


I have a Studer A710 tape deck which used to work 100%
After not being used for a long time now when I press the play button it plays for a few seconds then stops by itself.
Same with the rewind and forward. Works for a bit then stops by itself.

Any info on what to check will be appreciated.
I cannot see that the studer uses any belts it is all motors.
Also very strange when I switch the button from tape to source it plays without any problems.
As soon as I switch it to tape it stops.

Sounds like a problem with the counter.  If not counting it will indicate to the machine it came to the end of a cassette and the Stop function will kick in.  Not sure how these work, but the counter usually is still belt driven.

Hi... Ek het een in met dieselfde probleem. Sal met jou op whatsapp gesels Gerrit! Voorspoed vir die nuwe jaar!

Dankie Dewald.
Ek het die studer geruil vir and equipment.
Die ou wat hom gevat het , het hom klaar reggemaak en hy werk weer 100%


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