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I have been told that my Geyser is a significant contributor to my Eskom bill for my household of four.

I have considered the following options,

A timer
A Solar Geyser
A Gas Geyser

I have read some threads but they are a bit outdated as much has changed in terms of electricity costs and technology since.

I would like to know your experience and suggestions as I would like to do the installation soon.

Many thanks

Am in the same boat and I am very close to pull the trigger on this system:

I with both and a solar geyser is wonderful but when it's overcast you are going to have cold water. Gas geysers are wonderful and efficient but need to be properly installed with zero drafts around it otherwise its useless.

Have a 20-tube collector.  Fantastic in sunshine, useless in clouds

There is also a Daikin heat pump.  The plumber who installed the 20-tube collector somehow managed to stop the heat-pump from working.  He refused to come back and since then, 2 plumbers have looked and seem clueless about what to do, except to charge me R800 for "looking"

I thought of a PTC AC/DC element since a friend in Pinelands fitted one.   It was nowhere as efficient as a 220 volt 3000 watt element

I did a evacuated solar tube type geyser a month ago dead happy, this weekend it goy up to 74c.
I have seen a noticeable reduction in my prepaid power consumption, and it still runs in the day if there isnt power.
17K well spent. 


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