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Ok, how much power can get for 20K (ZAR)?

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What can I get for about 20K (ZAR) during  blackouts slots (aka load shedding).

There are so many different products and kwik fixes, its confusing.

Please share what you have implemented and what you are able to run during these slots, around the 20k budget. Maybe even some of the pitfalls and upgrade prospects.

I am currently only using a mini UPS to run the fibre box, router and access point which works well  (cost R850)

Many thanks

We approached the issue of power outages from a different calculation: producing solar power that will pay for the investment in several years, and not being affected by load shedding is a bonus.

For us this was mostly motivated by two major fires in a substation (3 years apart), which led to week long outage each that can not be covered by any backup battery that doesnít get recharged by generated energy. So we spent more than R20k (quite a lot more) but we will getting money back in about 5 years (with current electricity cost).

A smaller backup will help run some parts of the home, but is similar to a generator I guess, storing energy in a battery rather than petrol. We used a generator before (bought during the second substation fire and outage), and it helped with fridges and lights and internet while running. Itís noisy. But if it runs out you can top it up.

1. Generator. Noisy, expensive to run and needs regular servicing.

2. Inverter/charger with about a 200AH LifePo4 battery. (my choice)

3. Solar will be out of the price bracket.



I think I will be going the inverter route (will look at LiFePO4). I just need to power some small appliances. Looking at an option where I can add a couple of small  solar panels just to assist with topping up the battery when not being used.

I received a quotation for solar, It would be my first choice  but at this stage it does not justify the capital outlay considering my monthly bill. I am hoping that the price (comes down) and technology progresses further in a short space of time, which seems to be happening.

Any recommendations as to who I could contact  for inverter/charger bundles? There are  so many new businesses popping all over. Here today gone tomorrow.

3KW AC inverter and 2.4kw lithium battery you can always expand.
My Advice get a 5KW inverter around R12500 and one 2.4KW lithium battery and build on it.


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