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Haven't read any specific articles here about honey, so here is one to start off

Unfortunately, the majority of honey sold in supermarkets is adulturated in some way, either bulked up by adding sucrose, water or even syrup

The difference when you experience the real thing is noticeable, and of course has much better health properties than adulturated honey

My neighbour is on the committee of the Royal Cape Golf Club in Wynberg, Cape Town and in January last year they introduced 12 bee-hives in their very large grounds, adjacent to the Youngsfield Air Force, which has been a neglected part of Cape Town for years.  This was soon augmented to 22 be-hives and they harvest honey regularly.   There is such a demand that you now have to place an order and wait a few weeks

Depending on the part of the course the hives are located, there are subtle flavour differences.  One section is in a gum tree forest and this is quite distinct

They have now registered their own label


A friend has a couple of hives between Macadamia and Litchi trees. The taste is incredible, very different from off the shelf.

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FYI choice honey is a scam, like you mentioned adulterated
As soon as you see Choice on the bottle stay away, I have 2 good friends that are now registered bee keepers and get the real honey from them, or Macs from KZN
If you do put a tiny amount of real honey on the tip of a tea spoon you can taste all the flavour of the honey
Choice honey is terrible in comparison 

I know that Peel's honey based in Howick is the real deal and pure South African honey. They don't adulterate and don't import. They have a huge challenge defending their pricing to retailers because the adulterated stuff is much cheaper... Most honey sellers also not sticking to labelling requirements. Hard to figure out what's what out there #supportlocal

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Unfortunately there is a worldwide, coordinated attack on the food we eat with the intention of robbing us of the nutrition we need in order to weaken our immune systems, make us sick and dependent on the crap produced by the pharmaceutical industry. A honey producer on the west coast near Langebaan used to bottle and sell pure, unadulterated honey with bits of honeycomb and unprocessed pollen in it (just the way I like it). He was paid a visit by a government employee from the food and beverage licensing department and instructed to filter and pasteurize the honey if he wished to continue selling it to the public. The excuse is always that it is to kill of bacteria and protect the consumer but, the truth is that they want to destroy the health giving properties of honey and give you a product that is essentially sugar syrup without the health benefits of pure, natural honey.

@chrisc, what is the price and how does one order?


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