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Hi guys,i currently have a pair of klipsch,rp 500m speakers and a boston acoustics 10"cs2 ,I have the sub running of my rotel pre line out and my klipsch straight off my power amp,I feel that I don't have enough bass,or that it's not impactful enough,any any recommendations or advice on this?

There’s a B&W DB1 for sale here

@TimbaLand ,Nice sub,will look into that

depending on the size of your room, SVS PB-1000 or 2000  :thumbs:


--- Quote from: naks on October 16, 2021, 11:24:14 PM ---depending on the size of your room, SVS PB-1000 or 2000  :thumbs:

--- End quote ---

I have a PB-2000 Pro one hell of a thunderous subwoofer, having control via bluetooth over the Android app is such a life saver, no more crawling around!

Contact me for pricing! Good deals for AVforum members as always  :)


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