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Spin Fair - 31. October 2021


Shipping logistics are finally returning to pre COVID normal. My ECM stock has arrived within 10 days of order!!
Restocked on many of the Keith Jarrett albums, new "Budapest Concert" among the others, but also new Nik Bartsch solo album and lots of older releases are now back in stock.

With a bit of luck, a large ACT order will also land in time for the fair. Lots of NOS that ACT "discovered" in their Munich office storage  Among others, and for the first time in SA, an older prog/jazz fusion album of the year by KUU - "Lampedusa Lullaby". Also, an older album by Julian & Roman Wasserfuhr "Relaxin' in Ireland" (they have a thing for weird titles), plus about 50 more titles.

Don't miss the fair, you know you'll be sorry!

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