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Res-queuing data from tablet

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Dumb and Dumber:
My Lenovo tablet started with problems regarding its battery since about 2 years ago, but I could still use it everyday. Its got a lovely 13.3 inch screen, so despite me having bought a new 10.1 inch tablet, I still used it 80% of the time.
Problem now is, 2 days ago it received a system update, which included ''better battery Management'' my tablets battery went from 32% to 0%, despite it being switched off overnight.
I therefore cannot switch it on.
I have stuff on it that I never backed up and would very much not like to lose. I just want to transfer it now to my PC now.
The reason I never backed it up was because for some reason, not my PC, nor my laptop could see the data when I connected the tablet to it.
I will use Bluetooth to transfer the files.

How do you open such a tablet?
Can I disconnect the battery and couple another battery of the same voltage just to get done what I need to do?
I will also try to reverse the update and see if I cannot get it going again, if I can just switch it on. The adapter does not seem to deliver enough power to keep it running.

Thanks to whoever can help me :)

I have had a situation where an old tablet the battery goes undervoltage.
There is a safety circuit on the battery that goes opencircuit. You cannot charge this device from the charging port , too little currect etc etc.

Option 1:

open unit.

Disconnected battery connector

Use a bench supply set to 4.2V and current limited to 2 amps.

And BOOST battery to life for about 30 seconds.

Reconnect battery and charge.

Note: this battery is possibly stuffed either case.

Option 2:

open unit.

Disconnected battery.

source new battery

replace battery

close unit.

Option 3:
Take it to your local cellphone shop aka "Pakistani Shop" and ask them to help.
Their pricing is very reasonable.

I'm not sure what buttons you have on the tablet, but if it has a power key and volume up or down key, you could try booting it using a combination of pwr + volume up, or pwr + volume down, if that works and you get to a system boot menu, then you can attempt to clear the system cache from there (check if you can find a guide online). The software update could have messed around with your battery stats or caused a corruption and if you reset the system cache this could force your Android system to re-initialize the battery stats and then it should behave as normal again.

My local Bangladeshi mobile phone shop owner got a dead iPad going again.  He charged me R50 for the trouble.   It had some photos and videos on it that were needed

I can hardly understand his English but a very friendly fellow and good at his job


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