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FWIW I got a pair of the Sony for Christmas and they were dead on arrival. OBF.
Not at all impressed. Even the owners manual refers to this happening in the trouble shooting section and has a process to try remedy the issue. It failed to remedy the issue and they have to be returned.

Also out of interest, there are some compelling arguments to het the previous version of the Sony NC headphones as opposed to the new gen 4.


--- Quote from: LC on December 26, 2021, 04:11:18 PM ---Time for an update  :groovy: A friend, a non-audiophile, has a set of Skullcandy Hesh Evo cans. I used them for a while and really liked them. The sound was good, the fit comfortable and the bass was there. I saw a good deal on a pair of Skullcandy Cusher headphones and purchased a pair.

I have been listening to them for a while now and am very happy with them.
I am no longer looking for a good set of BT cans, thanks gents for all the input.  :thumbs:

--- End quote ---

How are you finding that bass slider on the Skullcandies :) I have heard its quite an experience!

@humfr33 - I really enjoy the slider.

I analogy would be comparing it to driving a naturally aspirated car, coasting and enjoying the ride and the scenery. Then you push a button and out comes a monster turbo charger. The moment you put your foot down and the boost kicks in, you smile. When you change the boost of the turbo to maximum boost, it's like a monster that is out of control and the grin changes into an evil laugh.

I use it mostly with no, or very little, boost. The slider is very easy to adjust to a level of bass that you like. It really is an enjoyable headphone and the slider just gives it more enjoyment factor.


--- Quote from: gLer on October 31, 2021, 10:10:51 PM ---As a Sennheiser fan have you considered the Momentum Wireless 3? Great reviews, great ANC, great build quality, not exorbitantly priced.

--- End quote ---

I use the Momentum 3's, very, very happy with them. Use them for music, Teams meetings etc.


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