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Good evening all,

Just thought I'd share this. I have been meaning to build a cinema room that is partially sound proof and fully treated to really bring out the magnificent sound of this Monitor Audio set.

The other reason is to haver a room that you can really listen to music without knowing or worrying when the next letter will be from the HOA, hence I invested in Audeze over the years but one cannot mimic floor standers to head phones in a nutshell, yes Scubadude might differ here   :groovy:

The room came out better that I thought and it sounds unbelievable, it is completely dead. The room and audio kit is configured for atmos 5.2.4

Here is the original room below. (5.1 x 4.6)

The sliding door and windows were blacked out with tint, then 12mm drywall used and filled with rockwool then finished with rhinolite.
I mounted the screen first to the ideal height.

One thing I completely got wrong was the aircon height, I had to get then in again to move it 150mm down due to the new ceiling height. I am using Monitor Audio C180 in ceiling atmos speakers, they are a bit heavy and did not work well until we made a MDF donut to reinforce them as the tiles looked like they dipped slightly.

Fabric wall in progress....

Bass traps, fabric wall and carpet done (belgotex softology S301)

Raven door seals used with a new solid door.

The recliners were made by a company in durban They really high quality, works with 3 automatic recliner mechanisms and each console has its own usb and power ports. You can customize just the way you want them. I had a look at the calgan recliners but didn't like them that much.
These were done in suede instead of leather.

Room completed...

If I could do this again, I would have liked to move all the audio kit to a dedicated rack in the back of the room but for this time, round this meant I had to buy new speaker cables, additional conduits and so on. If you are planning on doing treatment, do it! If I only knew it sounded this good I would've done this sooner.

The dolby Atmos demo disc sounds absolutely insane!

These links helped me immensely:


Very nice, looks fantastic (and I'm sure sounds fantastic too!)


 :2thumbs: Looks spectacular, well done!!

Just needs a popcorn machine now.  ;D

Thank you!

I wish I had space for 2 more bass traps in the back also. Thinking of doing some LED strips on the bottom edge profiles, but just on the sides and the back. What do you think?


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