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Cables or Coat hangers?

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That is quite a response to a few simple comments on how the original article isn't really a reliable way to determine whether cables or coat hangers are better... I don't think anyone here really implied that cables can't improve a system, merely that the original article's attempt at a "scientific" test falls short.

As the original poster, I am able to say that, to me, the change in my humble system from Lynxx 1.5mm to Chord Clearway was immediately audible to me and my non-audiophile daughter.

This experiment would ordinarily fall under fundamental research- the type that does not generate findings that have immediate applications in a practical manner. Consequently, I've just made my point, and I don't see the necessity to say more on this.

However, seeing that this article had the potential to touch some of us in our studios as audio enthusiasts, I will give my opinion on the piece.

As a departure point, I think we should appreciate the objective of the editorial; a generalization has been concluded about the significance of cables in the listening experience of music,  and In my opinion, there is no wrong or right answer as the findings will always be based on perception, hence the research is a generalization.

Secondly, the chosen topic (hypothèsis) that cables of inferior quality should sound "little different" to expensive ones is yet another generalization which gets some of us frothing at the mouth...I find this funny actually 😄 because the writer achieved the goal of raising blood pressures for the fun of it...Lol!

Alas, the writer quickly transitions to what I felt was a more sustainable theory ( "very few people can tell the difference between high quality cables and cables consisting of interconnects and coathangers) albeit, it suffers from zero practicality to modern day music listening by enthusiasts, but in spite of that, it passes as a fundamental research topic.

So if you see the trees from the forest in this article, and you had the fortitude to read through it all,  like me, you will simply smile, then walk over to your  Blupunkt system, insert the  Brook Benton cassette and listen away to nirvana!

To summarize, there is also the omission of demand & supply as a significant variable in the article, if there is a willing buyer for a pair of the Crown prince 35th anniversary cables costing £15,000.00 quid for a pair, then clearly there is value as derived by the customer.


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