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I am not a "real" reel to reel tape recorder collector.

I obtained some NAGRA reel to reel portable tape recorders:

NAGRA III with carry bag and original operators/service manuals. This is a mono machine.

NAGRA IV-S with carry bag, original operators/service manuals and microphone. This is a stereo machine.

This is the first time I have seen these NAGRA's. The workmanship is just absolute stunning. It was used in the film industry.

It is a mechanical wonder. Both are in a more or less good  cosmetic condition.

These machines, specially the stereo one are so complex in it operation and use so one has to study its manual in great detail.

Secondly a full electronic inspection has to be done before even attempting to switch it on.

Thirdly I will use a precision screwdriver set and wrench set as not to damage any of it screws and parts. 

it is such beautiful vintage machines that need to be professionally restored.

For now it is going in storage.

I would appreciate any inputs/response regarding these tape recorders.

Thank you for your post Charles, indeed they are beautiful machines and the level of precise engineering a marvel to look at.

I cannot add to your requirements but enjoy the process of restoration and please post pictures.

If you need to make a few tapes just for testing the playback you are most welcome to come by and use my machines, I can record both 2 or 4 track on 1/4 tape..

marcochezzi, than you for the offer, it is really appreciated.

I will slowly start with the restoration process.

Maybe first the NAGRA III mono player.

HH NS1000:
Saw them in the flesh yesterday. Man are these things beautiful, like pieces of jewellery.

Thank you very much.

There are now more models in my collection.


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