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Ingvar Ahlberg:
So the Brittish managed to smash this, after 2 months wait I suddenly got an order cancelled note, also full refund, no further explanation, trying to reorder the last weeks, works all the way until payment, then the web site (analogueseduction) freese and only exit works.

Today they claim that the side doesnŽt exist, perhaps never did:

New try today, worked all the way thruogh payment and delivery time specified as one week, not sure if Brittish or continental week,
from tecnology factory:

WeŽll see what happens.


Try contacting John Wright directly

Perhaps he is unable to keep up with demand :

Ingvar Ahlberg:
From this dealer in Netherlands i got direct response this morning, apparently no London/Decca cartridges available anymore  due to unavailability of one critical component worldwide, got refund from dealer, Tecnologyfactory, directly, superb service level!

So, will be without a Decca for the time being, not a very hard problem, just wanted one.

As we know there are people that are facing very bad problems and horror at the whim of a murderous lunatic today, making this cartridge quest quite pathetic.


Sorry about that . Did they happen to mention what that critical component was ? It would be interesting to know .

I guess that without that component the models will have to be re-named .

Ingvar Ahlberg:
My guess that it is some component related to rare magnet material, made unotainable by the Putin Pig.



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