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Ingvar Ahlberg:

--- Quote ---I can vouch for AJ van den Hul
--- End quote ---

That is a wellcome advice, have looked there, not sure where to start thou, MC-10, Frog, Condor, Collibri?

--- Quote --- DS Audio DS-002
--- End quote ---

Will check this, is it a working concept or as bad and unfinished as the Stax Electrostatic/condenser cartridge idea?


Goldring Eroica at about 400 GBP, a giant killer. Medium++ compliance, light body, easy fit for yesteryear tonearms.

Old/2nd hand Dynavector Karat 21 regularly pops up on eBay. Best cartridge I ever had. 2.1mm cantilever length.
DV Karat 17 allegedly even better, but might be difficult to find a suitable arm for. 1.7mm cantilever length.
Both have EXTREMELY light bodies.
Either of these even when bought with stylus replacement in mind are end of the road cartridges for many of us, IMHO.

Another best-ever, Ortofon Jubilee. Well suited for VdH re-stylus.

Agaton Sax:
1. The DS Audio carts have been discussed here before. It is a variant on the old Toshiba variable light idea but with light sources and sensors improving these must surely rank as contendors. I am pretty sure someone on this very forum was going to distribute them here. Johnny? I think the name was.

2. 3 Carts that have piqued my interest. All variations on the Neumann idea:

a. The Tsar . Made in Siberia and selling at a very high price. I am not sure how much of that price is going to middle men
From Stereeophile

b. The DaVa field coil from Lithuania. DST, field coil magnets and cactus cantilever

From "TwoGoodEars"

c. The Analog Technik from Berlin. A close copy of the legendary Neumann. Apparently this suffers from a very low channel separation. Much as Andre Hanekom found with his prototype.

And finally. The one that was  finished but not to  his satisfaction. Who knows where it ended up? Our friend, Skollie,Andre, Mafioso's final masterpiece. Never completed . An enigma forever.

Ingvar Ahlberg:

--- Quote ---Old/2nd hand Dynavector Karat 21
--- End quote ---

Have one of those, the cat removed the stylus, if she ate it, sold it or just left it under my pillow I will never know, never liked the cartridge either so no problem.

Yes, I know it is dusty and messy, has been lying on its back in the guest room for several years.

So, the advices from a friend close to my heart, No Johan, will not go the Tzar route, the consistency of russian products is what it is, You could get gold, or You could get dog turd, no thanks.

Dava, no, cactus cantilever? Cactus are for making Tequila, not cartridges.

Then the last piece, that will remain where it is supposed to be, in a dream, somewhere over the rainbow, dreams should be allowed to remain dreams, will never listen to Skollies cartridge, and that is as it should be, I know of it, good enough, I saw the start of a myth shaped by two friends, I had the fantastic luck to share a part of the origin of this myth with one of those friends and I think that the Neuman related cartridges, for me, can stop there.

Will put some Dunhill tobaco in the pipe now Johan, a small Ardbeg Wee Beastie and ponder over the mystery of friendship travelling so easily over the world using this new tecnology (at least new in my life perspective)

Very grateful for input and sugestions thou, will use those as a start for more explorations, perhaps purchases.


Ingvar Ahlberg:
I was so hoping, especially from You Johan, that someone would point me in the Decca/Garrott direction, Ken Kessler told You all about this a long time ago, and as the friend who bought my Moerch UP4 also took the Decca on loan seems to be very reluctant to return that it seems the logical way to go.

There also is something very special about the way the Decca cartridges work, sometimes at work, just before ISO revisions for instance, the occasional individual (he who pays my invoices among others) can suggest that I clean up my desk, then and there I realise what "variable reluctance" is.

Obviously I will have to walk this stony path on my own, first step buy a Decca London/Jubilee is just a mather of checking ads and buy, the Garrott versions harder to come by, perhaps they still do the rebuilds?

Then there is this, need to check this out:



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