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I also belong to those who grew up and around the Decca Cartridges - never owned one but still very keen to hear into this mythos.....
So far my favorite Cartridge remains the Brinkmann EMT (installed on my Well Tempered Royale 400 with 16" LTD Arm).

After I heard the Hana UMAMI I kept one for myself which hopefully ll match with my Brinkmann Tonearm on my Brinkmann Balance - the Hana UMAMI is a fantastic sounding Cartridge - maybe like a Top Koetsu with a bit more self-discipline. A brandnew vdH Colibri is as well waiting for its installation..... or will I sell it? I dont know and time will tell.

One word to the Hana Carts. SA is "Ortofon Land"....but as a suggestion for all those who really want to make a significant improvement with a limited budget - consider a Hana E or S Series - great value for money. The Hana M Series is as a Giant Killer and its promise gets fully fullfilled by the UMAMI...

Otherwise I still have some Transfiguration Carts, Well Tempered "TLC" (MM) and Charisma Carts (canadian brand).

So many choices!
For me I'm currently hooked on low output MCs so might have bit on the Trans Proteus. Please don't put the Colibri on the TT1🙈


--- Quote from: Jazzy on December 05, 2021, 01:35:33 PM ---So many choices!
Please don't put the Colibri on the TT1🙈

--- End quote ---

Pray tell WHY?

Scrap that! I only now really read TT1  :be:
If well set up and all the star signs align, it works very well, but when the darn thing forgets that it is a pedigreed tonearm and it screams across the record at the speed of a demented witch.... I have two of those. Nice to look at though  :BWAHAHAH:

Yeah that arm prefers a lower compliance cart which tracks at over 2gr

Ingvar Ahlberg:
As I found yet another of those, new, unused, give it a spin to check if it is as good as I remember?

Spending adequate time setting up/adjusting this I realise it is not as good as I remebered, it is better, perhaps far better.

One of those should not be to hard to find for a very modest amount of money, if so, buy, this is one very good cartridge.



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