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Ingvar Ahlberg:
Although I have a few good cartridges, Denon DL103-S, Ortofon SL15, Ortofon SPU ET, Decca London, JVC MC-1 and MC-2, SATIN E18 and being very satisfied with those, especially the two JVC carts and the SL15 I still wonder what more there is to explore.

The Audio Tecnica ART-1000 is a "copy" of the Neuman/JVC design,looks incredibly well built, available in Sweden for the equivalent of 81.000 ZAR and looks like the generator system is replacable, screwed to the bearer body, but might just be something very like the MC-1 for quite a lot of money.

The Koetsu cartridges I havenīt listened to since the early 80:s when they arrived on the Swedish market but are still around and producing nice looking things, pretty expensive but a wide price span too, is that a route to test?

If forced to pick one of my carts to live with for the rest of my record playing days it would be either the SL15 or JVC MC-2 (a bit "darker" voice than the MC-1).

Still curious thou so just wondering of You have any ideas, tips about something I should test, new or vintage, cheap or expensive but worth the hole in the wallet?

All ideas and thoughts appreciated.


Cactus needle from Soundsmith? (Hyperion)

Audio Technica OC9 series and Hana?

Ingvar Ahlberg:

--- Quote ---Cactus needle from Soundsmith?
--- End quote ---

Very good advice, environment friendly, but needs another kind of step up device than those I have I suppose, Bamboo transformer?

Perhaps @Agaton Sax have some input there?

The AT OC9 series of cartridges are interesting, looks like You could get very fine cartridges for modest outlay. (all AT products I ever encountered were great value for money, sometimes far above that).

Also pretty good prices up here on AT products, Sweden is a small country (on a citizen count view) but the vinyl interest and use seems to be vital and the product supply is quite good, probably the big names have their distribution chain centers in EU so anything You want is just 2 days away.


I can vouch for AJ van den Hul, the Crimson and Colibri series. Currently running the Crimson Black as well as the Colibri Grand Cru. Fantastic resolution of every sliver of detail without being in your face. Had previously the Colibri XGP, Crimson Red (now with Agaton) and a previous version of the Crimson Black. Not the ultimate in physical fit and finish according to some, but to me it is what it feeds my ears and senses. The world just goes away when I sit back and listen to these. Previously in a past life I had Kiseki, Dynavector  and some others. I am at a very happy place now...

I don't know you are interestd in it, but it is best Carts for me, DS Audio DS-002 and its equlizer.
(when I got it, my previous cart Lyra Titan was away from my system.)

this is Optical Cart, which use LED technology.
almost 40 years ago there was same technolgy by normal light, but disapered from the market because of the problem of heat/temperature.
a Japanese Startup maker succeeded to revive this technology by using LED technology and is expanding their production to all over the world now.

I don't know any Agency is there in SA but hope you can have any change to test it.


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