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Aluminium cutting, finishing, and anodising

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Aluminum panels fine with powder coating. There shall always be some spot where they hang it from a hook but mostly not too bad. I usually had a little "tail" cut on a rear corner or unobtrusive spot which it could be hung from. Post powder coat I would just snip it off and cover up with a dab of stove enamel to conceal the cut.

Point taken about the anodizing process Skylar, as I said "done right". I have however been in this trade of mine for just on 30 years and still see some early numbers looking as good as day one, and again some 3 to 4 years old which have to be fixed up. 30 years is a long weary trek when you have to rework stuff which should by default be indefinitely "fine"

I Ceracote even the heatsinks these days as I am fed up. It is after all one of the very thinnest industrial coatings available. I know that all the amps now being built FOR the VA brand are again being anodized and they have my blessing should it come out perfectly every time. Those that are built by me however not. Not a case of once bitten, but many many times bitten. I doubt if anyone else have tried as many different anodizing companies as I have. Think of a name, I've been there.

Not closing off the conversation, but just wanted to say thanks so much for the input - a generous sharing of experience and knowledge. This is exactly what I had hoped for when I posed the question.

I recently discovered this gem, barely 10km from me. Eezi Laser in Koedoespoort, Pretoria does sheet metal work, etc. They outsource aluminium machining, anodizing and powder coating which means they can offer a turn-key solution for audio enclosures.   Speak to Louis Bernhardi.

I had a PSU enclosure made and this is the result. The finish is coarse powder coating, btw.

Nice work, nice lead!


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