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ECL82 valves for Sansui 220

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El Sid:
I have the opportunity to buy a Sansui 220 receiver for a pretty good price. But before committing, I'd like to find out if the ECL82 output valves it uses are at all available locally? They can be had from various websites but are pretty pricey, enough that if a full set of 4 valves is required it's almost not worth getting the amp....

There is the Russian version of this valve, except for a slight variation in the dissapation. Look at the 6f3p which is a close enough equivalent of the ECL82 as an alternative. After costs in bringing a quad of them in, you may still be close to the expense of finding a quad of ECL82 locally anyway. (FWIW in 2016 I got a quad of 6f3p in for about R500).

It is the same as a 6BM8.

I have some in stock.

El Sid:
Thanks Marantz and Charles! I think I will buy the amp - hopefully i won't need any valves...

A nice tuner amplifier I have 2 of them, over the years one particular fault I have come across a few times, (not implying it is a common fault) is the failure of the wire wound resistor mounted above the chassis. As it is now about 60 years old most of the coupling and bypass capacitors will need to be replaced as they will be very leaky.

The valves that  normally came with the tuner amplifier were Matsushita snd seemed to go on for ever, not surprising at all as Matsushita was partly owned by Philips at the time who I believe set up the factory after the end of WW2

 If you need the circuit diagram I can send it to you.


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