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Kumquats in brandy - brandy recommendations, please

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I want to make some Kumquats in brandy preserve/kumquat brandy liqueur. It will produce 2 products: (a) brandied kumquats - that I intend to chocolate coat - and (b) kumquat liqueur. I would like to hear recommendations for a brandy that is low cost, but not of a too low quality. Any suggestions?

OK. Olof Bergh it is, then. Super cheap. Surprise was that it tasted quite smooth when I sampled it. That was after having eaten a kumquat. It wasn't as smooth when I sneaked a sip a while later. But at least I know that it won't be a total failure.

Shaun! How nice of you to ask. Iím not fussy, thanks. Iím so pleased to see that I made it onto your Christmas present list. Do you need my address? Never mind POPI, Iíll wave the requirements for you.


I wonder how much will make it through the testing stage.

I donít know, but Iím happy to assist.


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