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Whisky recommendations and orbituary


I have been away from the forum for quite a while and learned with profound shock about the untimely  passing of  Guillaume (William in English) . I only learned with profound shock of his passing  away when  i visited vynil Junkie! last WEEK. Guillaume  had been at my my place a month or two before passing away and adjusted the speed of my Origin live electronic power supply  and also changed the cartridge. Guillaume , man , you were taken too early. I really enjoyed and appreciated our engagements. My last thoughts that i remember was when you were playing the composition, Timbiku and Ry Cooder, i think.  Out of respect for me you even asked your kids (twice to reduce their volume so that you can engage a client (me) You played a CD version and then the same works on vynil and when when i asked you why you did nod not state you position on the  vynil versus cd  on the forum, you just gave me a knowing look.  This also takes me to my debate position many years ago when many were lambasting Chinese audio products, even to the extent of asking me about my qualification and you , despite your vast knowledge , remained silent about this. Npow same forum members are even selling and promoting the virtues of some Chinese audio products ( I am not Chinese by the way). If you  look at this question critically, you can see that this approach is unfounded because even if my qualifications might be better than yours, please remember we are talking about audio here,unless you are Mr Nelson Pass, and these type of people do descent to that level.

Now Guillaume, i regret that you were taken away so early in your life and i should register my shock as others have done already.

Being a devout (did i say devout)? whisky drinker myself i am starting this thread  for a different purpose, that is to recommend different brands and my experiences, which compared to others might not be that extensive. Being a diabetic i tend to drink more whisky than any other beverages because of the sugar content. Of course my recommendation is not meant to be universal and is not targeted to the those with immense financial means but to the average guy or girl and therefore it might not meet with some peoples needs. i will  therefore focus in the low to medium side of the market and my recommendation is as follows:

1) Bains single grain. (low price)
2) Bells blended (Low price) I have read somewhere that this one sells more than any whiskey in the UK)'
3 Glen Fiddich  12 year old  medium price)

Any other recommendations?

What people need to remember is that  before the second world war, Japan was more powerful than China and Japan even colonized  a large part of China.  Now China is the send most powerful world economic power and Japan is the third. historically,Spain has won over  England,the Romans have won over major parts of Europe but were defeated by the Germanic tribes and thus the Roman empire fell. The Celts in England were defeated by the Anglo-Saxons from Denmark, Norway , Sweden and Saxony in  Germany and in 1066 the Anglo Saxons  were defeated and colonized by the French ( William the conquerer) the Vikings have won over most of Europe including Russia, America and Greenland and China was a superpower about 5 thousand years ago this trend will continue as long as we are on this planet. To conclude: there is nothing special about any of us because we are all the same.


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