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Front and centre speakers are humming/buzzing

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Hi everyone,

I'm hoping to get some help with an issue with my setup.

Just got back home after a week away, and now noticed that my speakers are humming/buzzing when I switch on my T777v3 (complete silence in standby).

There was a BluOS update, which I ran yesterday, and I'm pretty sure the humming wasn't present before that - could that be the cause?

The hum is coming from the front towers (PSB Imagine T2s) and the centre speaker (PSB Image C5). It's very audible when I mute the sound, but can also be heard when listening to movies where the characters are whispering.

I have done a power cycle, but no success.

Any suggestions on how to troubleshoot this issue will be most appreciated, thanks.

Update: By toggling the ARC settings, the buzzing stops, but the humming is still there. The same thing when I disable the Input in the menu.

Update: When I mute the output, some of the buzzing disappears, but the low-frequency humming is still present.

Have you removed all inputs?


--- Quote from: HB on September 25, 2021, 08:46:56 AM ---Have you removed all inputs?
--- End quote ---

You mean unplug & replug all HDMI cables?

Not yet - this was going to be my next move, as it's a bit of a PITA accessing the back.

I've also noticed that my T777 keeps finding a BluOS upgrade, but afterwards the version stays the same. I think this might be related?

Seeing that FP3 was cancelled, I just did the following:

First I unplugged ALL inputs & outputs (HDMI, RCA, etc.), no success.

Then I disconnected all the speakers, and then reconnected them, no success.

Then I unplugged the unit from my AC Furman conditioner and plugged it straight into the wall outlet, no success.

Then I unplugged all the other equipment on the same power line, no success.

I even switched off the pool and the geyser at the Mains Switchboard to rule out AC interference, still no success.

When I do a BluOS reset, the version does not change - is that normal?

So, is it the amp then?  :help:


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