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The forum has plus 10 000 members with 200 posts per day. Yesterday 30 guys on a Whatsapp group chatted up 3 times that number!  And it was FUN! Easy talking and just flowed...

On the forum you need to start a NEW TOPIC then you may not deviate from the Opening Post otherwise you deemed off topic and this kills free flowing conversation. It makes it cumbersome!

So if the moderators would PLEASE allow this NEW  TOPIC, "What'sUP" to discuss anything freely (hint stay away from sex, region and politics!) If someone is offended we still have the report button. So we don't expect the moderators to go through all the blah. Please also leave this in "General Discussion"

Hopefully it's as fun and flowing as our Whatsapp group is. What I see happening as topics come up and guys zone in and want to discuss that topic further we can open up a "NEW TOPIC" under that heading.

Again I ask please moderators allow us to try this for maybe a month? If it doesn't work then shut it down and send it to that place, you know that place!

Agaton Sax:
Another White Noise Generator. Why in General Audio/Video Topics? Open Talk is already bad enough, why this and why here?

Moved to Open Talk. Rules of the forum will still apply iro Religion, Politics, Sex and profanity. Common decency will also apply, personal attacks against members will not be tolerated.


I was hoping to keep it up in General as it's very difficult starting something down here

If you read MyBB, most of the topics start off with a specific heading and content, and after that few adhere to the original thread and go off at a tangent.   Most of the time it does not matter, but does generate a lot of hot air not related to the topic


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