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Spin Fair - 26. September 2021


Spin Fair is on 26. September, don't miss it.
Turnaround (and turnover) last month was record setting so no question dealers will bring all they have to this one!

As for me - new ECM stock just landed!

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I forgot about this.
I hope it was good!

Every Spin Fair is great. Jimmy had 3 crates full of stuff freshly brought from UK. I had the fresh ECM and ACT stock, Porcupine Tree, PJ Harvey, lots of other new stuff. Benjy had lots of STUNNING LPs from Guillaume's collection. Guy next to me had 4 crates of LPs we've never even seen offered 2nd hand before, highly collectable niche stuff like Gong and about half of all King Crimson albums. Rob always brings awesome stuff from his personal collection - someone snapped 4-5 Tom Waits albums right in front of me. Wanted to cry...

That'll learn me!


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