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Guys desperately  looking for some help , a good few years ago a friend of mine set up my 2 micro servers with FreeNas one for music and the other movies , I could access them through my network via my PC , a couple of months ago for some reason I couldnít access my music NAS ,even though the icon was visible on my PC now itís totally gone. I know very little about computers save for basic use so trying to fix this FreeNas thing is an impossibility for me. Iíve decided to get new PC and load all my media on a windoze based PC problem is I canít gain access to my music to copy it over , tried swapping out the HDDs to windoze PC no luck after some Google Fu I see itís because it 2 different coding systems  ... any ideas on how I can copy this over to my PC or even better if there is someone able and willing to do this for me either remotely or at my place I would be eternally great full , Iím more than willing to compensate for the time and effort... Iím in the East Rand area ... Ta!


I know this might be a stupid question, but....I wonder if you have considered checking attached screens for error messages? You might have to attach screens, of course. And they might not like them. But if you have not done it yet (you don't mention anything like that) it might be worth a shot.

Also, GhostBSD and NomadBSD boast of providing live bootable images, with a hint on data recovery possibilities. Perhaps they will be able to read the filesystems (presumably ZFS?, or maybe UFS?) and offer a chance to squirt your terabytes through a USB 2.0 port. Probably easier than getting a rich man through a camel. Will need those screens, I imagine.

Hey bud thanks for responding gonna be honest here .... what you said went way over my head.... my Computer Kung fu is almost non existent  ... which screens are you talking about ... I can see my second NAS (Movies) on my network not my music NAS

@scrarfussi Talib is your man to sort out the old & new servers, RSync is the tool to use for unattended copying (even between FreeNas and Windows). Of course if it's only a once-off copy, then you might as well do it manually.  :mates:

I would make sure you put the FreeNAS boxes in the original condition and I hope you kept a note of where the drives where installed etc. before you took those out so that you could possibly recover your data that was on there.

What likely happened is that either Windows or FreeNAS was updated and your Windows SMB sharing (which is how Windows shares files with network devices) version was still using version 1 which then stopped being supported by your computer's OS as it had critical security problems. If your Windows was recently patched or upgraded then there is good chance it was disabled and why you couldn't access your files any longer e.g. your shares would have disappeared.

You can renable SMB v1 on Windows, permitting that you are aware of the risks. see below link.  Somebody reasonably familiar with PCs should be able to do this for you. You can then consider updating FreeNAS or Windows so you can support the more secure newer SMB file sharing, but I'd really recommend taking it to a PC technician that would know how to look at this stuff.


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