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Radio session with Vintage kit


Listening to a local radio station (Cape Town) FMR Saturday Scene morning Jazzy session and really surprised by the sound quality of the kit combo. All equipment bought second hand over a period of time, total cost < R1500. 00 and make up kitchen dining room system: detail, frequency balance, PRAT etc. all there makes for great daily listening
Line up: Pioneer A400X, Yamaha TX-497 Tuner and B&W DM 220 speakers. VDH Dm102 Mk 3 and Monster (something) speaker cable. Analogue old school very satisfying family listening. Amazing what these old soldiers can still do. Rotel RCD 951 completes the team, not used much though. Radio system basically and in daily use as family entertainment and cooking background music

The Yamaha has a digital display so doesn't count as vintage, sorry! Even RDS!


Maybe should have called it "older kit" not vintage - right? Was just so impressed with analogue radio as a medium hence the share. The stuff we grew up with before TV and the now dominant "social media". Fine Music Radio still have presenters who know music and artists and not the babble mouth "DJ's" most other stations employ. People who just do playlists and make small talk about all kinds of sensational topics, interspersed with repetitive news and traffic reports 

Christo, I agree 100%.

Most of my best radio music memories are from a long, long time ago - listening to my father's Marantz receiver, to shows where the presenters were pleasant, fairly knowledgeable and well-spoken types. Times sure have changed... but yes, FMR is generally excellent, and there are a few superb podcasts.


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