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Subwoofer placement - Front or back?

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Can a subwoofer be placed behind the listening position?

I have one subwoofer in front.

I have one in the back.

I only ever use one at a time.

Thinking maybe put the rear sub in the front. So that both are forward facing.

The sub in the back sounds good. Not as good as the one in front though.

I only use one at a time because they are both different brand subs.


--- Quote ---Can a subwoofer be placed behind the listening position?
--- End quote ---

Yup, most definitely, however your room layout is going to determine the best location for your sub.

Best bet would be to do the "subwoofer crawl" to find the optimal postion if you're using a single sub.

If you want to use two or more subs, this document from Harman is a good guide to help you out. It's a long read, but if you just want to see the conclusion, go to page 28.

Well, my one is to the side.  Purely because that is a convenient place to put it.  I have moved it about a bit and found that taken away from the corner it does not have any boominess.   Its a dual-firing unit with drivers both sides

It is about 1/3 the way into the room.   200mm away from the side wall, 1300mm away from the end wall and 4000mm away from where I sit, against the back wall

But do you need two?

No. I do not need two. I only ever use one.

Because I have two. I dont like to leave it unused. So I go between both. Just to make sure they in use.

Option will be to sell one and just keep one.

Is this for stereo or HT? I think in stereo you need the subs next to the front speakers but foe HT you can pave them anywhere in the room. I have 2 and they are at the back of the room


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